Powerful, secure and scaleable virtual hosting for your business

Cloud hosting solutions which are completely secure, reliable and scalable to suit your business needs with no capital investment needed.

Transfer your IT infrastructure to the Cloud, with a cloud hosting solution that ensures market leading benchmarks for performance, reliability, security and uptime.

Access the latest enterprise grade technology with no capital investment; reduced administration and running costs; improved business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities and enjoy cutting edge security – all with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cloud services are being looked after 24/7 by our expert engineers.

Safely and securely delivering the functionality of your IT to your employees, clients and suppliers, wherever they may be, is a standard yet critical requirement for most organisations, regardless of size.

The challenge is that corporate mobility; business agility; security; compliance and business continuity make it a complex and costly thing to both deliver and manage.

The advent of cloud computing considerably increases the options available to address this challenge and should be considered by all organisations looking to both refresh their existing IT as well as extend its capability.

Cloud computing is a subject that is being debated widely but not one that is necessarily understood by all. However the idea is relatively simple: cloud computing is a general and collective term for any technology that delivers IT services to users as a utility (like electricity) over a network, typically via the internet.

Named after the cloud symbol that’s used to represent the internet in flowcharts and diagrams, cloud computing has three distinct characteristics that differentiate it from the traditional on-premise approach: it is sold on demand; it is flexible, allowing you to have as much or as little of a service as you need, when you need it; and it is fully managed by your IT partner on your behalf.

Why consider a move to the cloud?

Cloud computing offers many potential benefits including:

  • Rapid deployment. Cloud computing solutions can be up and running within a matter of hours.
  • Reduced management costs. The management of your cloud computing system is taken care of for you by our dedicated Support Care team.
  • Accessible anywhere. With the high availability of Wi-Fi and 3G networks you are able to access your system from pretty much anywhere.
  • Secure and available. Cloud computing offers access to a level of protection that would usually be out of the reach of many smaller organisations.
  • Easy to scale as your business demands. The flexibility cloud computing offers is huge. As and when your business demands change so too can the capacity and capability of your system.
  • IT becomes an operating expense and capital expenditure is reduced. Because you don’t need to source, configure or implement any dedicated equipment there is little upfront CAPEX investment.
  • The IT refresh cycle becomes a thing of the past. Cloud computing means that you automatically have access to the latest releases and versions of the things you are using – no need to budget for a regular cycle of updates and upgrades.
  • Energy bills are reduced. You no longer need to power or cool the equipment your system operates on.
  • Access to enterprise class systems as standard. The investment in technology is made for you meaning you access technologies that may have traditionally been financially out of reach.
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