Monitor, manage and maintaining your IT system

Outsource the management of all, or selected parts, of your IT system, identifying potential issues before they impact on your business.

With a team of specialists assigned to remotely monitor your system on a daily basis, or via a schedule of on-site system visits, we identify potential issues before they impact on your organisation. Ensuring you get the most from your investment and avoid costly disasters.

Customised to complement your existing IT capability, with CBS Manage247, you have the appropriate level of IT support when you need it most. Helping you minimise the risks of being over or under-resourced, having too great a reliance on any one individual, or lacking the appropriate in-house skills.

Using our exclusive 24×7 Incident Management Monitoring System we are able to remotely monitor and manage almost any element of your system including:

  • Your Internet connection availability and performance
  • Your backup routines for successful operation
  • Your servers for component failure, capacity and performances issues
  • Your server room for temperature and humidity issues
  • Your antivirus software status

In most cases we are automatically informed should any issues arise, and can address them before you are aware they even existed.

Guaranteed to improve your business IT performance
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