Can you imagine life in 2014 without cloud computing systems?

Transferring your IT functionality to the cloud drastically improves efficiency, performance, reliability and security – and what’s more, it rolls those benefits out over your entire workforce and network.

Cloud Computing technology has taken great leaps in the last couple of years, to the point where we can’t imagine Chambers IT infrastructures without it! It offers complete flexibility, allowing you as much or as little of the service as you need, and can be managed by an IT partner on your behalf.


“Two years ago people were saying they would never put their data into cloud or outside the country. I think people’s views are changing. They are getting smarter to make sure the contract is safe.”





Cloud computing solutions can be quickly deployed, with most up and running within a matter of a few hours. With the availability of WiFi nowadays, your cloud computing system can be accessed from anywhere. The flexibility of cloud computing systems also means that you can change the size and power of your cloud computing system according to your business needs.



There are significant savings to be made by implementing cloud commuting into your IT infrastructure – simply, it make financial sense.

First of all, management costs are reduced as all system care and maintenance is handled by a support team. Cloud systems mean that you don’t have to source, configure or implement any dedicated equipment, saving you a significant amount in capital expenditure. The cloud also drastically reduces the energy costs of running a hardware system in-house.




Our cloud computing systems and support offer a level of security for your sensitive and personal client information that would usually be out of reach to smaller organisations.




There are very few cons to using cloud computing for your Chambers’ IT infrastructure, but there are a few common criticisms that should be addressed.

There are some who believe that cloud computing systems are not secure, for example. Cloud security depends entirely on the encryption and protection of the system you use. Your system is only as secure as you make it.

If you want to know more about cloud security, read our recent article “Are Cloud Computing Systems Secure?

It is true to say that cloud computing systems are not ideal for all workloads, and some businesses may find that they offer too little, or not enough support for their IT infrastructure. For the needs of Barrister’s chambers, however, we find cloud computing to be the perfect IT infrastructure solution.


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