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“Moving to the cloud can mean big energy savings for your business”

Sustainable Brands


Have you converted to the cloud?

If you are looking for ways for you Chambers to cut energy costs and be more environmentally-minded, then think about converting your data, information and files to a cloud hosting system using a cloud provider. Cloud providers offer better efficiency, and can streamline your processes in such a way that will drastically cut your energy costs.

Here are 4 ways that cloud computing can help your chambers save energy:


1. Less Machinery


Server-based data centres require an enormous amount of energy, and most are quite inefficient. This means that the more work you need to get done, the more servers you need to install. Cloud computing requires far fewer machines to achieve an equal capacity.


2. Shared Resource & Energy Costs


Temperature and humidity must be carefully controlled for servers to run at their peak, and cloud providers can better streamline and reduce the cost of this high-energy process. You no longer need to excessive power required cool the equipment your system operates on.


3. Benefit from Energy-Saving Technology


Larger data centres have energy saving systems and equipment that small Chambers just couldn’t aspire to in their own data servers, due to cost and operation size.


“Cloud providers can take advantage of efficient layouts such as rack-first that are hard for in-house centers to replicate.”

Sustainable Brands



4. It’s What They Do!


Cloud providers can allocate better resources more efficiently to where they are needed, because it is their main priority! Their size allows them to mass-purchase better servers, insulation and building systems.


Insist on Efficiency


When you are looking for a cloud provider, insist on strong environmental credentials. Enquire as to whether they use renewable resources, how efficient their systems are and how much storage they can provide against number of servers. These are all important factors in determining how energy-efficient your cloud provider is going to be.

If you have any questions about cloud hosting, or would like to talk to us about managing the process, call us today on 020 3355 7334.