Backing up data is essential. Your operating system and applications can be reinstalled and computers can be replaced, but once lost, your data is gone forever!

It is vital that you back up your vital, precious and sensitive data, and that you have a comprehensive plan to deal with system failure. As well as losing computers to theft, fire or misplacement, data can be hacked by cyber attackers or corrupted by a hardware problem.

There are so many possible ways your data can be lost or corrupted, so don’t leave it up to chance. Back up your data and protect your peace of mind. This means copying files over to a cloud or protected system that you can access when the files are needed.


Cover Your Back


“It’s inevitable: one day you will lose all of your data.”



Losing a large number of files when your hard drive or data storage system fails is devastating. It’s bad enough when it is your personal data and work, but when it is your client’s information and case files, you just can’t afford to take the risk.

Data can sometimes be recovered, but the odds are against it, and so it always pays to back up your data often and, if possible, several times over.


The Cloud


“for real security you’ll need to turn to an online backup service.”

Tech Radar


Transferring you chambers data and IT infrastructure to an online cloud-based system is the best way to protect your vital information. In means that your stored files are immune from hardware failures or breaches, damage or theft and that data can be made available across platforms to all members of your team.

There have been some concerns in recent months about the security of cloud hosting, given some high-profile breaches of sensitive data and personal files and information. Every cloud hosting system is different, and security depends on individual encryption and protection. There are pros and cons to using a cloud provider, but when it comes to backing up your data, saving money and energy, and data sharing, the cloud is your best option.

Whatever your IT strategy in your chambers, make backing up your you’re your first priority.

If you would like to know more about cloud hosting or any other IT support services that we can offer your chambers, please do not hesitate to get in touch.