“Cyber crime is here to stay”

Floyd Woodrow, CEO, Chrysalis-Worldwide

Cyber crime is a part of our online life, there is no getting around that. Cyber attackers have been using code to hack computer systems and steal information and identities for a long time now, but as we rely more and more on our digital devices and cloud storage for our daily business, the stakes of a cyber attack are suddenly much greater.

Cyber attacks can now be carried out by anyone with a basic knowledge of computing, too.

Cyber threats are becoming greater in number and more complicated to defend against. As they become more sophisticated it is vital for chambers to be proactive in protecting sensitive and confidential data.

Although the threat is growing, there are ways you can protect your chambers. Here are 3 things you can do to make sure your chambers stays safe:




One of the best way to protect your chambers against a cyber attack is to reduce your exposure – that is make it more difficult for potential attackers to hack your system. By identifying and reducing your vulnerabilities, you’ll make it harder for hackers to find their way through to your sensitive data.

Where are your weaknesses? There are 3 main areas of weakness that a hacker might exploit. First of all, flaws in the design and functionality of your system can leave you wide open. Secondly, features such as JavaScript and macros in Microsoft Office products are also vulnerable to attack.

Third, and perhaps most easily addressed, is the vulnerability presented by user error. Members of your team can easily make mistakes that can leave you open to cyber attack – including easily-guessed passwords, insecure laptops and mobile devices and mistakes in the configuration of equipment. Human error is one of the most difficult aspects to control, but with some key training and briefing, it is a risk you can easily manage.

One sure way to protect your chambers against a cyber attack is to reduce your exposure. Carry out a thorough survey of all of your equipment, software, passwords and BYOD policy to ensure that your gates are as tightly shut as they can be.

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The next thing to do is to have security monitoring systems in place to identify as unexpected or suspicious activity. That way, if anything does slip through the net, you can pick it up quickly, and address the breach before it can cause any lasting damage. Boundary firewalls and internet gateways, secure configuration, access control, malware protection, patch management can all help achieve this end.




If the worst happens, and your chambers is the victim of a cyber attack, do you have what it takes to disrupt and defeat it?

As with anything, prevention is better than a cure, so from the top levels of management down, it’s vital educate your team on best practices and implement a robust security system that stops cyber attackers from ever breaching your chamber walls.

Be Ready for an Incident!

If you are doubtful of your ability to prevent, detect and disrupt a cyber attack on your chambers, why not leave it to the professionals? We can offer full IT security support to make sure that you are protected. Get in touch today, we’ll be happy to help!