Cloud computing is here to stay. In fact, in 2015, businesses and organisations are set to spend even more on cloud-based data. In fact, INC recently predicted that those who don’t take advantage of cloud computing will be in the minority in ‘less than six years.’

That’s because it’s such a positive way to streamline data processes and increase productivity.

We have already discussed the financial and environmental benefits of using the cloud. The cost and energy savings you’ll make by converting to the cloud are well documented, but the real economy is in productivity. Cloud computing will vastly improve your teams’ productivity in Chambers. Surely that’s enough to convince you!


“59% of companies that use the cloud are more likely to see productivity benefits”


 1.    A More Connected Workforce


“companies investing in collaboration technologies increased productivity by as much as 400%”

Sending files back and forth over email can be time consuming and prohibits productivity. When everything is saved on the cloud, team members can access important files from anywhere, at any time, so information sharing and hence decisions and actions can happen quicker.


2.    Security


Where file security and confidentiality is paramount, such as in the legal sector, cloud computing is the safer choice. Email hacking and interception is major problem and as Colin Passmore lamented at the Global Law Summit recently, legal communications are ‘routinely intercepted.’ Providing you have the right precautions in place, cloud computing is a safe alternative to email for sharing and distributing classified legal files and communications.


3.    IT Problems Solved


Cloud computing shifts the burden of IT infrastructure maintenance from your door to that of your cloud host. Time-consuming and costly issues like IT security, updates and maintenance become someone else’s responsibility, freeing up valuable time and resources to concentrate on your clients and running your chambers.


4.    Disaster-Proof


Paper documents and files stored on hard-drives are always vulnerable to unforeseen disasters. An accident or major virus can wipe entire swathes of important and confidential client files. Cloud computing eliminates the risk of a data disaster, backing up files stored on hard drives and storing files on a secure, supported central server.


5.    Economy


Anywhere that you can cut the operational costs of your Chambers should be embraced. It frees up money for extra staff, equipment and infrastructure that might help streamline your chambers and improve productivity even further. Apart from the monthly cost of your cloud hosting, there are no upfront costs and no unexpected maintenance or repair costs, not to mention the money you’ll save by cutting out in-house servers and storage centres.

Convinced? We offer secure and reliable cloud hosting solutions, scaled to your chambers’ needs, with no capital investment needed. Want to know more? Get in touch!