Would you be surprised if you left your wallet on a table in a public place, and returned to find it stolen?

Yes? Well, you have an impressive faith in humanity!

This is a completely avoidable crime that relies entirely on human error (on the part of the wallet owner).

IT security breaches can be a lot more costly than a stolen wallet. They can cost your chambers reputation, valuable time and thousands of pounds. You might be surprised to hear, though, that they are often avoidable, too. That’s because cyber crime also frequently relies on human error.


The Human Element


Hackers and cyber criminals are not the only threat to your cyber security. Security breaches are most often the result of human error.

Security software is the most obvious and robust defence against a breach in your chambers, but there is one thing software can’t account for – the human element. Protecting your sensitive and confidential client information starts with your employees.

Quite often, security breaches related to human error can be blamed on a simple lack of awareness. If an employee is not clear on confidentiality protocol or privacy policies, then they can easily make a mistake with client data. What begins as a simple mistake can have major implications for your client and chambers. It is important to make sure that your employees are fully aware of how sensitive data should be treated.

“creating awareness among employees about the consequences of human error for corporate security can help significantly reduce the number of staff-related data breaches”

The Boardroom Cyber Watch 2013 Report, Computing.co.uk

Awareness is key. Staff should be educated on the correct use of passwords, encryption, mobile devices brought from outside chambers and the security software that they should be using. Equally, chambers should make sure that they are as prepared as possible for human error because, as we all know, mistakes can happen.

“The best way for organisations to prove their cyber security credentials is to comply with, and be certificated against, ISO 27001, the global best practice standard for information security management.”

Alan Calder, Chief Executive, IT Governance


Compliance with the most rigorous data privacy and cyber security standards gives your clients piece of mind and trust that you will keep their data safe. We can offer that kind of protection as part of our IT management services. Get in touch to find out more.

When it comes to protecting your chambers from cyber threats, don’t ignore the human element.