“Work smarter, not harder”

Is your telephony system complicating communications in your Chambers? In the new world of BYOD, cloud based data transfer and digital comms technology, some believe that complicated telephony systems are outdated. 38% of those between the ages of 35-50, in fact, are dissatisfied with office telephony technology.

Telephony management can be complicated, and systems are now vulnerable to a growing number of security threats since the coming together of telephone and data systems.

Let us explain a little more – IP telephony systems today are often a complex merger of VoIP technology and older legacy systems. If equipment has come from different vendors, interoperability issues can arise.

Equally, many have concerns over the security of telephony systems. Calls between legal professionals and their clients are often of a sensitive nature, and so hacks are a nightmare scenario. Call traffic lines over the internet are naturally more vulnerable to attack or interception than traditional telephone lines.

Telephony security requires a holistic approach to security. VoIP security, after all, is only as reliable as the underlying network security. Weak gateway firewalls and insecure patching can expose telephony systems to security breaches. Telephony still has a place, but as it grows into the data-driven world we now live in, security, management and operability can be a difficult task for Chambers.

Fear not, though, there is a smarter way to do it. Smart telephony tools can streamline your telephone communications in several ways – they can help you save money by reducing the cost of outbound calls and calls between team members, guarantee voicemail delivery to email and offer improved mobility.

Here at CBS, we think there is still a strong place for telephony – the key is to build a system that is secure and futureproof. It’s a great tool to improve communications, and as long as it is built and managed correctly, and adapts to changes in the way we communicate, can be an effective method of communication both internally and externally.

We offer highly modular unified communications platforms designed to meet the requirements of small chambers, and networked branch and head offices for small and medium sized organisations. Through our partnership with Avaya partner, we are well placed to offer a choice of phone system package options.

The award-winning IP Office 500 that we offer gives growing organisations an holistic solution for telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing, customer management and unified communications. What’s more, we can offer on-going support to make sure it is underpinned by a secure network and efficient cloud storage.

Want to know more? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to talk through your options.