With the inevitable surge in data being streamed online and use of cloud technologies to make Chambers and its processes more efficient, your team relies more than ever on reliable, super fast internet, right?

Super-fast network technologies have revolutionised the way Chambers function, and have increased output considerably. You are only as good as you connection, though. Think, for a moment, how much of your daily work would grind to a halt without an internet connection. Now think about the implications of even a day without it – for you, your clients and your reputation.

It’s not just you, either. 43% of the world’s population live a connected life, and rely on a strong connection for their work, social lives and daily tasks.

THE most important thing for any organisation moving towards full automation, cloud-based management software and data storage and a full paperless service for clients is to make sure that you have the internet connectivity to handle it.

Cloud-based data services rely on a reliable and super-fast internet connection, especially when dealing with the amounts of data lawyers do on a daily basis – even if it’s just storing your third party documents on Dropbox.

So how do you know if you have sufficient bandwidth and connectivity speed to cope with fully automated, paperless and cloud based data storage and management?

There are a couple of factors you need to take into consideration:




Bandwidth is the number of bits a connection can transfer per second. The more data your network can download per second, the better your connectivity. Consider both download and upload speed. In an office setting, a faster download speed than the domestic 10mb per second is required. Fibre, EFM and ADSL lines are a sure way to guarantee a fast, unbroken connection to your Chambers. High volumes of demand on a router or lines that can’t handle it will reduce the productivity of your whole team.


How Long Does It Take Your Message to Reach It’s Destination?


Another consideration is how long it takes data and communications to reach their destination – or latency. Have you noticed that your messages or video conferences are running slow? This points clearly to network connectivity issues.

It’s important for Chambers to keep pace with developments and new technologies, and ensure a super-fast connection. If this seems like too much for your team to handle, why not hand over the responsibility to us. We’re able to provide a wide range of high speed connectivity solutions to suit your IT requirement and budget – Fibre Lease Line, EFM, FTTC, EDSL. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.