“Cloud computing is not pie in the sky”



Cloud computing has many benefits from your chambers. Chief among them, perhaps, is the money it’ll save you. As IBM writes, it means you can “work more efficiently and more productively, simultaneously saving money and enhancing your business and IT operations.”

By consolidating IT operations and eliminating in-house servers and IT management you’ll significantly reduce your capital costs – the outlay of paying someone to run IT operations, ongoing maintenance, upgrade fees and the energy required to power them. Cloud computing means you can take the precious pounds you spent on having IT staff and internal management, and using it to grow your chambers and improve the services you offer clients.


“This monthly reduction alone creates a real return-on-investment in businesses, especially small businesses, where there never used to be one”

Kevin Schatzle, CEO of dinCloud


Here are five ways that cloud computing could save your chambers a significant amount of money:

1. No Servers

Running your own servers is a costly business. It involves a high capital outlay, up-front, that most chambers just don’t have. Cloud hosting puts those start-up costs in someone else’s hands, as well as management, upgrades and power costs.

2. Lower Power Costs

Cloud-computing induces ZERO power costs for your chambers. All those charges are the responsibility of your provider, leaving you to pay only your set monthly subscription. Lower energy consumption is good for the planet, too.

3. Reduce Management Costs

If you hand over cloud management to a firm like ours, for example, the management of your cloud computing system is taken care of for you by a dedicated support care team. If you work with a cloud provider directly, daily management, problem solving and the resolution of any issues falls to them. Not only will it save you money, but it will buy you peace of mind, too.

4. Economies of Scale

Cloud hosting allows you to scale up your data usage in an incremental way aligned to your chambers growth, maintaining security and adequate management all the while.

5. Flexibility & Agility

With 3G and mobile access, data stored on the cloud is accessible anywhere. In this way, the cloud offers your business or chambers greater flexibility, agility and resilience, allowing your barristers to work from anywhere and adapt to unexpected disasters and down-time.

Just read last week’s article, for example, about how the cloud helped limit the impact of a major fire evacuation of chambers in Holborn. Barristers were able to continue to work remotely and limit the amount of time and revenue lost to the interruption.

If you haven’t already, transfer your IT infrastructure to the cloud to save your chambers a significant amount of money. We offer cloud-hosting solutions that are secure, scalable and ensure market-leading benchmarks for performance, reliability and uptime. Want to know more? Give us a call today, our friendly team will be happy to discuss your options.