Back in December 2014, we asked the question we knew was on most chambers decision-makers’ lips when considering a move onto the cloud – is ‘Is it safe?’ High profile data breaches, NSA spying, iCloud Celebrity photo leaks and Dropbox hacks had rightly called into question the security of cloud computing systems. Legal professionals were unsure, especially given the sensitive and highly-confidential nature of their data.

The cost, environmental and flexibility benefits of the cloud are well known and reported, but did they outweigh security doubts?

Nine months on, we thought we’d look at the subject again, and ask whether attitudes to cloud computing were changing. In September 2015, are people beginning to trust cloud computing again? There are some clear indications, now, that fears over cloud security are starting to ease, and the legal industry is ready to take full advantage of what new cloud technologies have to offer.


“There can be very few people left that doubt cloud computing is well on its way to becoming an integral part of the IT environment.”

Tech Radar


Views have even come a full circle, with some now seeing the cloud as a more secure option, a way to overcome weaknesses in their own IT infrastructure. According to a study by IBM, 90% of IT security leaders have adopted the cloud or are currently planning cloud initiatives. Additionally, Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) research, showed that 78% of UK organisations have adopted at least one cloud-based service.

The growth of cloud computing globally is built on one thing, though…trust.

Security is still a concern – in fact 89% of people cite security credentials as the main consideration when choosing a cloud provider – but when cloud applications and platforms can offer real data insight and intelligence on their security, customers are much more willing to trust in their CRMs, ERPs and other platforms.

Compliance, that is the moral and legal responsibility to protect personal data stored in the cloud, is still a major area of concern. It is a little worrying that one fifith of those surveyed for the CIF were unsure whether their cloud provider met the data compliance regulations of their business sector.

Ignorance is no defence, and if you are to trust in the cloud, you need to be sure – especially if the data is personal, sensitive and confidential information stored on behalf of your clients. As specialists in providing IT security to the legal sector we guarantee full compliancy as governed by the Bar Council, The Information Commissioner’s Office and the Attorney General. Get in touch to discuss cloud our management services.