As we wrote last week, technology has a big part to play in the future of the law.

It’ll be used to a greater and greater extent in Chambers to drive office efficiency, communicate more effectively with clients, reduce costs and collaborate with business partners. Despite some doubts over data protection security and compliance, technology has largely enhanced the practice of law.

Worried you won’t keep pace?

Despite the growing use of technology, and the fact that we are well into the digital era by now, many lawyers and other legal professionals are still woefully behind. Technology makes lawyers more efficient, and thereby better able to serve their clients. For the ones that don’t keep pace with new developments in technology, therefore, they’ll be left behind.

So what does it take to be a tech-savvy lawyer? Here are our top four tips:


1. How-To Videos


Most software companies post ‘How-To’ videos on their website, taking you through how to use their product, from beginner to advanced stages. Make sure you feel confident before you start using the software for client work.


2. Read Legal Tech Blogs


There are several good legal tech blogs on the web (including this one!) talking you through the latest software for legal professionals. Equally, IT and Tech blogs, websites and magazines are great for keeping up with the latest technology developments – in the cloud, data protection, digital communications and networks.


3. Attend Training Events


Across London and the UK, there are training events for professionals looking to enhance their skillset and educate themselves on the latest technologies. Enquire with your Chambers as to the best ones for you.


4. Hand Your IT Management Over to Us


Embrace new technology. It’s going to make your life easier! We’ve already written here about how much money cloud computing will save you, how it’s good for the planet and improves productivity and the value of smart telephony tools. Get on board! If you don’t want to handle your IT yourselves, hand over to us. We’ll be happy to help you build a robust IT infrastructure that streamlines your Chambers and protects your client data.

Get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your Chambers IT.