“In the age of digital business, it is imperative that the legal industry keep up with the changing technical landscape to match the speed at which business is being done.”

Mobile Enterprise

We agree. But, according to an industry survey by PwC, law firms are not responding to the digital age or adapting to its changing landscape. Their 2015 Law Firms Survey revealed that while law firms recognise IT as a chance to improve efficiency, project management, pricing and profitability, a majority have failed to respond effectively to the digital age.

While 80% of law firms recognise the strategic importance of IT and digital in today’s landscape, the survey revealed that only 23% have actually made clear steps towards implementing strategy around it. Surprisingly, perhaps, a majority haven’t enabled their websites or mobile applications for alternative interaction with clients, for example.

This is not to say that firms in that 76% are failing to innovate. The report showed that law firms are adopting new ways of working with paralegals and contract lawyers to match earnings to activity levels. Moreover, a majority of firms surveyed demonstrated new systems for the preparation of documents and legal support this year.

The more agile firms are starting to weave technology into their organisational structures to boost efficiency and manage workflows and budgeting. They are staying abreast of coming developments and trying to adapt. With the growth of digital and its rapid technological change, it’s likely that those that fail to adapt or strategise for the digital age will be left behind:

 ‘For those who don’t – or can’t – respond to this change, the future will become increasingly difficult.’  

David Snell, Partner and Leader, PwC Law Firm Advisory Group

The nature of digital business is changing, and law firms must look to new technologies to keep their data secure, and take an holistic, platform approach to their IT strategy to enhance performance, employee satisfaction and data security for employees and clients alike.

We can help you implement that. We specialise in IT support for barristers’ chambers. We can audit your current IT systems and security and work with you to ensure productivity, and that you security is compliant with key governing bodies.

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