Effective deployment of new IT can boost law firm productivity”

Law Society Gazette


Every law firm wants to do things better, faster and cheaper. Every law firm also wants to guarantee privacy and compliance to their clients.


“Law firms who use cutting-edge technology often gain an edge over their competitors.”

The Digitalist


Effective use of legal technology can help you do that, but we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to quantify the benefits. A discussion on productivity in the legal sector is more complex than simply output per worker, per hour. The output of a law firm is as much qualitative as it is quantitive. So how does legal technology add value to the service that your chambers can offer?




“Plain and simple, the top law firms are using cloud computing”

The Digitalist 


Cloud computing is a complex technology to integrate into legal practice, but its strengths for corporate mobility and business agility, both of which are costly to deliver by traditional means, cannot be ignored.

Cloud computing is ideal for organisations looking to both refresh their existing IT as well as extend its capability, and its best services are rigorously tested and approved by government regulators. Services like DirectLaw and Advologix PM, for example, offer comprehensive online practice management platforms and encrypted communication portals for lawyers, for example.

Wondering if cloud computing is secure? We’ll reassure you here.




“The law profession is being reshaped by new automation technologies that allow law firms to complete legal work in a fraction of the time and with far less manpower.”

CNN Money


Legal technology’s strength for research is in automation, leading CNN Money to declare that “the robot lawyers are coming!” Automation technology allows lawyers to streamline the research stages by organising and analysing evidence quicker than any human can, thereby freeing up time for more ‘human’ tasks.


In Court


The versatility of new technologies and, in particular, mobile devices, vastly improves the presentation of case evidence or information. New trial companion apps allow barristers to respond to arguments and courtroom developments in real time, show video or graphics and generally improve the impact of a trial and demonstration of evidence.




In today’s challenging economic climate, marketing is essential. Not only that, but lawyers are increasingly exploiting online marketing and online customer service as their most powerful tools. Social media marketing, email marketing and SEO ranking are widely accepted as the best ways for legal firms to reach out to potential customers.

Many law firms are wary of social media and web marketing for privacy and compliance reasons. Law firms must keep security at the forefront of their mind, of course, but it should not be a hindrance to embracing the value of new legal technologies.

It’s undeniable – legal technology allows lawyers to deliver better legal advice in a more timely and efficient manner, and sets tech-savvy lawyers a cut-above their competitors. Make the most of technology and IT in your Chambers with our IT support services tailored specifically to the legal industry, here.