One of the hot topics in the digital industry at the moment is the ‘Internet of Things’ – that all physical objects could potentially have network connectivity. As each day goes by we live in a more and more digitally connected world and at the heart of this notion is the telecoms industry.

Telecommunication is no longer purely about making phone calls. It’s also about the centralisation of many other types of communication within the telephony system. A fantastic and innovative product which really is a one-stop shop for all of your calls, message exchanges and organisational needs is the Avaya IP Office 500 system.

The product boasts the following capabilities from a single platform:

  • Telephony
  • Messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Customer Management
  • Video Calls
  • Unified Communications

Perfect For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

The award-winning VoIP Avaya IP Office system is designed with the growing business in mind. It is a scalable product and can host as few as 5 users or as many as 3,000 users at a single location or at 150 sites. The beauty of the product, from a cost and flexibility point of view, is that you are not committed to a decision on licences from the outset. As your organisation grows, you simply purchase the extra licences and additional handsets you need at a a one-off cost, for as long as you stay on the platform. This is what makes the IP Office 500 base one of the best-selling systems on the market today.

Flexible Ease Of Use

Depending on your existing set-up and requirements, the Avaya IP Office 500 can be used as a key system, a PBX, or it can be integrated with current legacy equipment like an Avaya Partner or Definity system. It’s an extremely flexible piece of equipment which is easier to install, manage and use than many other types of PBX system and reduces the pressure on costly IT overheads. The system can be rolled out to end users from a single command function, enabling IP handsets to be functioning within minutes.

BYOD Culture

The Avaya IP Office systems also make use of BYOD, meaning that all employees are contactable on one number via the VoIP network. With BYOD, staff can use their own mobile device, whether it be an iPhone, a Blackberry or a Microsoft Lumia. There are no need for concerns over security, either, as calls are routed via the centralised VoIP network and mobile devices are subject to current identity-based access control features. Video conferencing also works on each of these mobile devices which allows employees to engage in face-to-face conversations whether they’re located in the next room or in a different time zone. Flexible-working staff can also utilise an IP phone from their homes, avoiding expensive VPN overheads.

With its impressive and superior list of centralised features and capabilities, it’s almost impossible to rival the Avaya IP Office 500 system at the moment.

As an accredited Avaya partner, we are experts in the installation and support of their IP Office 500 suite. If you’d like a cost-effective and flexible way to revolutionise the telecoms network in your business, then give us a call today.