Modern technology is changing the way many businesses operate and the legal sector is no exception. Barristers’ Chambers have a unique requirement to adapt to the times and utilise the best IT solutions on the market, whilst remaining compliant with the Government Legal department, the Bar Council and the Information Commissioners Office.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony systems offer a way to allow barristers and other legal staff to communicate seamlessly with each other, as well as clients, at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional lines. VoIP is a scalable technology and can accommode Chambers of varying sizes – from just a handful of employees through to those that span over several sites. There are many different telephony packages on the market that employ VoIP, but if you’re looking at using it in your Chambers, ensure that the suite you’re considering includes these 5 features:

Disaster Recovery

Any business must have a continuity plan for their telecoms in case of a disaster such as a fire, flood or cyberattack. Be assured that your cases can continue and that you remain contactable to your clients or key members of the court by setting up a telephony business continuity option. This will reroute calls to selected mobile numbers or even to an alternative disaster recovery centre in the event of a disaster.

Video Conferencing

Phone system packages such as the Avaya IP Office 500 suite consists of a full range of unified communication features including video conferencing capabilities. Face-to-face meetings with clients are made easier and more personable with the ability to share presentations and case notes. All participants require to experience this full HD video technology is a broadband connection and a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Voicemail to Email

Barristers can always be contactable with VoIP systems. You can choose to divert your voicemail to email, so that you can pick up your messages whatever your location. The voicemail from your desk phone will be sent to your selected email address in an .mp3 or .wav file and you can listen to it on the go. This feature also makes it easier to store and share voicemails on a single platform. Some advanced packages even include a transcription option whereby voicemails are imported into an editing program and then saved in text format.

Call Statistics

Voice Over IP systems allow for a full range of statistical data gathering and analysis depending on your goal. You might choose to assess the efficiency of administration operations in Chambers by checking internal call durations. Alternatively you could use the call statistics as a way of measuring time spent on any particular case for your client billing processes.

Multi-Site Scalability

By far the most useful benefit of using VoIP is the ability to use the same telephony network to span over Chambers operating in different sites, including mobile employees. This means that each barrister really only requires one phone number and can be reached at their desk, in court, in transit or at home. Calls routed through the Chambers system enable barristers to have access to the office directory. Conversations between employees over the network are completely free by using WiFi and, most importantly, secure thanks to an additional layer of identity-based access control.

As legal IT specialists working in the heart of the legal district of the City, City Business Solutions are perfectly placed to install and support an advanced yet cost-effective VoIP telephony system in your Chambers. If you’d like to reduce monthly costs whilst future-proofing your network, give us a call today!