it incident management

it incident management

An IT network is a complex environment comprising of many different components that all need to operate like clockwork for your chambers’ systems to be both operationally effective and efficient.

Business Continuity

The combined systems within your IT infrastructure will likely include servers located in a dedicated server room, networked PCs, a broadband connection, UPS, backup drives, phone lines, legal applications and antivirus software packages. But what happens when one or all of these systems fail?

It is of course vital that you have a tested business continuity plan in place. However, it can take time to restore systems from tapes or the cloud back to a fully functioning state. So a better bet would be to use 24/7 Incident Management to prevent a disaster from occurring in the first place.

What Is 24/7 IT Incident Management?

Chambers should consider outsourcing the management of their IT systems to a team of experts who can complete various monitoring checks to identify potential issues before they cause a disaster. Specialists will be able to gain access to your servers remotely. They may also need to physically visit your site at routine intervals in order to determine if there are any existing issues that need attention.

Our team use the 24 x 7 Incident Management Monitoring System to check the following:

  • Performance and availability of your Internet connection – ensuring that any episodes of downtime are rapidly dealt with.
  • Assessment of existing backup routines – making sure that all necessary systems are included in the backup and that no errors occur during the data transfer.
  • Monitoring of your hardware – looking for problems with performance, disk capacity and the possibility of imminent component failure.
  • Checking that your antivirus software is current and that all software patches are automatically applied.
  • Observing the conditions within your physical server room to check for temperature or humidity issues which can affect the performance and lifespan of your hardware.

Who Should Use CBS Manage247?

Chambers simply cannot afford for their IT systems to be down. Barristers need immediate round-the-clock access to their client files, court documents, email services and a working Internet connection.

CBS Manage247 is designed to enhance your existing IT setup. If you have an in-house IT crew, they’re unlikely to be available at any hour of the day or night. Our IT Incident Management software works by sending automatic alerts through to us if any potential problems are identified. This means that we’re usually able to deal with any issues before clients are even aware of them.

CBS Manage247 is a cost-effective and flexible way of adding extra support and peace of mind to the infrastructure within Chambers.

If you’d like to hear more about how we can provide incident management of your IT systems and give you more infrastructure uptime per year, then give us a call today to see how we can help you.