Apps are everywhere, on our phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, having become an essential part of our daily lives. They are also increasingly popular for business purposes, with many apps helping to streamline existing tasks and others opening up whole new ways of working.

The legal industry is no exception and there are a number of apps which are becoming more and more popular with lawyers. Whether you have never used an app for your legal work, or are an avid app user looking for new ideas, the following are our pick of the 5 best legal tech apps currently on the market.



There are plenty of time-tracking apps out there to choose from, but toggl is one of the most popular with professionals. A basic account is free and will allow you to simply and accurately track how much time you are spending per client and per task.

Pay for the full version and you unlock features such as Excel exports, team management and integrated invoicing making it easy to turn tracked time into invoices for clients.

toggl is available for Apple and Android devices as well as a desktop app for both Mac and PC.



With more and more key information being shared electronically, iAnnotate make the process of adding notes to digital files really simple. Designed for iPhones, iPads and iPad Pros it allows you to mark and annotate PDFs, then share the annotated files with clients and colleagues.

By saving on the need to keep separate notes, convert PDFs to a different format, or print them out and write on them by hand, iAnnotate can make life much easier and significantly speed up annotating documents.

It can also help you keep your office’s physical paperwork to a minimum, which is better for the environment and easier on the filing.



This multipurpose app allows you to record and track various types of important information related to legal cases. It means you can have all the key points of a case in one place, making it faster and easier to plan and review cases.

The apps features include a calendar, contacts, events, tasks, documents, facts, notes and time and expenses. That way you can do everything from recording court dates and client meetings to saving the contact information of everyone related to the case, while also having all the most crucial information for the case at your fingertips and even making it easier to sort out your billing.

CaseManager is available for both Apple and Android devices.


Court Search

Available for Android and Apple devices, Court Search lets you quickly look up details of every court in England and Wales. Using government data, it can show you everything you need to know to find or get in touch with individual courts.

This includes courts’ full addresses and postcodes, contact names and numbers, email addresses, opening hours, driving directions, nearby parking, Crown Court case details, daily lists for the High Court and above and daily lists for tribunals.



This one isn’t cheap, with an annual subscription cost of £49.99 (although you can get a free 7 day trial) but it can be hugely helpful, giving you access to the revised text of most primary legislation currently enacted in the United Kingdom.

The apps gets its information straight from the National Archives, so is reassuringly reliable, and the legislation is stored offline on your device, meaning you always have access to it, even when you don’t have access to the internet.

iLegal is currently only available for Apple devices.


Get advice on the best legal tech apps and all your IT security needs


As useful as apps and other new legal technologies are, it’s also important to make sure you are keeping your business and your clients safe and secure. With the ever growing use of new technology in the legal profession, staying on top of potential new security issues and threats is increasingly challenging.

City Business Solutions offer outsourced IT security support to the legal industry. We can help you with everything from choosing the best legal tech apps to improving the way you work (while staying safe), to keeping your data secure from hackers.

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