The idea of cloud computing is gaining ever more traction in the world of business, with an increasing number of companies seeing the advantages of investing in a move to the cloud through shifting their data and other key resources online.

Most business owners are now aware of what cloud computing is and up to 90% of businesses are now using cloud services in some form. Law firms in particular have a lot to gain from making better use of the Cloud, so we decided to look at some of the top reasons your law firm should consider making the move to the Cloud.




One of the key selling points of moving your data and software onto the Cloud is that you can then easily access everything you need for day-to-day business from any internet-connected computer.

For lawyers this can be particularly useful, meaning you can access client data and useful programs just as easily from your offices, your home, a client’s residence or place of business, or from any other location.

This means you can work seamlessly from any location, making is easier to do your job and allowing you to be more productive and to offer a better service to your clients.




Around two-thirds of small businesses have fallen victim to cyber crime in the past two years. This should be of particular concern to law firms as client data is often one of the key things cyber criminals target. This information can be used by hackers for the purposes of blackmail, to identify potential targets for fraud and for more sophisticated types of criminal activity.

Small businesses are a popular target for hackers because they often have much weaker security than large firms which can afford the very best IT security. Cloud computing allows small businesses to get cyber security equivalent to bigger firms because the cloud resources are protected by the cloud computing provider’s own high level IT security.

This means small businesses that store key data on the Cloud are able to benefit from much more robust security than those not on the Cloud, keeping their business and their clients safer.




90% of businesses have experienced unexpected downtime at one time or other, preventing them from accessing their data, software and other resources. For most small and medium-sized businesses, including many law firms, resolving these kind of issues can be a relatively slow process, especially if they do not have immediate access to a highly-skilled IT department.

Cloud-computing tends to be much more reliable as the servers will be constantly monitored by experienced IT professionals with an expert knowledge of the hardware and software in use. It is their job to keep the cloud resources constantly updated and correctly maintained and they will be able to quickly resolve any issues that occur, resulting in minimal downtime for your business.




There are a variety of ways in which cloud-computing can save your business money. Economies of scale mean that a dedicated cloud-computing provider is able to offer the resources you need much cheaper than you could provide the same resources in house.

You can also benefit from flexible usage plans, meaning you only pay for exactly what you need, rather than having to guess in advance how much data or how many licences for a particular piece of software you will need. This means you won’t have to pay for extra resources you aren’t using or waste time arranging additional resources if your needs grow.

The Cloud can also allow you to better share resources between colleagues. This means you won’t necessarily need as many copies of key pieces of software or as much data storage space, as these resources can be pooled between different employees, departments and locations.


Get expert support for your law firm’s move to the Cloud


If you are ready to move your law firm onto the Cloud, it’s important to make sure you get the right help to ensure a smooth and secure transition. While the Cloud offers many advantages, it is particularly important to have robust security in place to keep your business and clients safe.

City Business Solutions are experts in outsourced IT security support to the legal industry and have helped large numbers of law firms successfully move to the Cloud. We can do all the hard work for you, meaning you get all the benefits of cloud-based computing, but without the hassle.

To find out more about how City Business Solutions can help keep your law firm safe and secure from cybersecurity threats both on and off the Cloud, please get in touch.