Cloud-computing is revolutionising the way businesses work, making it easier to access and share resources flexibly and cost-effectively. There are a whole range of benefits to cloud computing for businesses, but there are also a number of risks that companies need to be aware of. Ignoring the risks could result in cloud security failure, which could be potentially catastrophic for your business or chambers.

With more and more businesses being targeted by cyber crime, IT security should be a serious concern for every company. When using the cloud there are a number of particular threats that need to be protected against, so getting the right cloud security in place is essential.

However, your security is only going to be effective if you take the right steps to avoid your systems becoming compromised. We explain our top 4 tips for avoiding cloud security failure.


Keep security software up-to-date


Security software has to be constantly updated to stay effective. This is because new cyber threats emerge all the time, so security programs need be upgraded to deal with these new problems.

To keep your business safe on the cloud, it is important to make sure all of the security and other programs you use always have the latest patches. This doesn’t just mean your security software, but your operating system and cloud computing apps as well.

Make sure someone in your team is responsible for ensuring all devices are kept up-to-date with the latest patches and versions of all your core software. This a job that should ideally be done by your IT team, whether they are in house or outsourced.


Avoid compromised logins


One of the most common ways cloud security can be undermined is by staff logins becoming compromised. This most often happens because staff use passwords that are too easy for hackers to guess or otherwise break, or because staff accidentally reveal their login details by falling for phishing attacks or other types of scams.

To avoid this, make sure your systems force staff to choose robust passwords by default and make sure team members have training in avoiding revealing their login details by mistake. It is also a good idea to have your systems set up so that staff are required to use different passwords for different programs and resources and that they change their passwords on a regular basis. This prevents a single compromised login from allowing cyber criminals to cause too much harm.


Have a strong cloud security policy


IT security doesn’t just happen – you need to plan for it and this plan has to cover everyone in your business. This means making sure everyone knows how to spot common scams, such as phishing, and that they know who to report any problems they do notice to.

It is a good idea to have a written IT security policy which you go through with all new starters, explaining what is expected from them and with a particular focus on issues surrounding cloud computing. This will help to ensure that potential issues are dealt with in a consistent manner, reducing the opportunities for cyber criminals to target your business.


Call in the experts


One of the big selling points of cloud computing for security is that it makes it easy to outsource your IT security needs. Any decent cloud hosting provider will have their own security team who understand all about cloud security and know all the right steps to take to keep your business safe.

IT security changes so fast that making sure your company’s security needs are being handled by dedicated experts is an absolute must. Staying on top of the ever changing threats to cloud security is a full time job and outsourcing makes it easy to put your security in the hands of highly trained individuals whose entire job is based around IT security – something most small and medium sized businesses could not afford to maintain in house.

By outsourcing you can get better trained IT security personnel who deal with cyber threats all day long for a large number of businesses, giving them the highest possible level of experience and expertise.


Keep your law firm safe from cloud security failure


Moving your law firm onto the Cloud can help to make your business more flexible, efficient and cost effective, but it’s absolutely vital that you have the right security in place to keep your business safe.

City Business Solutions are experts in outsourced IT security support to the legal industry with a vast amount of experience in cloud security. We can help you with a whole range of IT security solutions to help prevent cloud security failure and any other potential problems.

When it comes to business IT security, we do the hard work for you, so you can enjoy all the benefits of the latest in business technology without any of the risks.

To find out more about how City Business Solutions can help keep your law firm safe and secure from cybersecurity threats both on and off the Cloud, please get in touch.