In comparison to how we conducted business a decade or so ago, technology is now at the forefront of business innovation. Companies are in an ongoing race to adapt with the times and utilise the best digital services and products that are on the market, in order to push their organisation to the next level. However, technology is no guarantee for business success. A company that wants to evolve and improve business IT performance must tailor technology to the specific needs of the organisation to yield impressive results. Here are some ways to do so.


Analyse Your Requirements


The first step that any business should take when considering the role of technology, is to conduct a thorough analysis of its current IT systems. Tech can help you improve the efficiency of your business operations by speeding up existing tasks, or providing a new method of doing things. Work out the types of inefficiencies that exist in your current set-up and be committed to investing in them.


Improve Your System Uptime


Nothing diminishes productivity like system downtime. There are many reasons that your employees might find themselves unable to complete their work due to an IT issue. It might be that a hardware component needs to be unexpectedly replaced, perhaps there is an issue with your broadband connection or perhaps your storage has reached its data capacity. If you want to improve business IT performance by increasing uptime, then it would be recommended to put management and monitoring systems in place, which will allow you to identify system faults before they have an impact on your business. If you don’t have the IT resources to dedicate to providing round-the-clock support for your organisation, who are unable to respond to system alerts in the middle of the night, then outsourcing this section of your IT responsibilities is a cost-effective approach that could save your company money while improving business productivity.


Catering For A Remote Workforce


In this digital era, clients and employees expect fast answers and solutions. For instance, if you have a team of barristers who work remotely in and out of the courtroom, it is essential that your workforce remains connected in order to provide fast responses to clients, so there is no loss in time. If your organisation operates on a global scale, then you will also need to take varying time zones into account. If you want to communicate beyond the normal constraints of regular 9-5 business hours, then you will need to tailor your IT systems for a remote workforce. Ensure that you are able to provide system access for your users anytime and anywhere. Utilising cloud hosting solutions is one of the most recognised ways of offering secure and flexible functionality to users as and when they require it. If you need to scale your business access up or down, you can do at the touch of a button. The management of a cloud service provides full compliance assurance and a binding Service Level Agreement which provides peace of mind for legal firms. Your Chambers might choose to use a public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid cloud strategy to suit the structure of your IT systems.


Improve Business IT Performance With Protection


Cyber attacks are a real and present threat to the legal industry in 2017. Naturally, due to the risks that exist for exposing confidential client data, law firms are a special target for hackers and unfortunately their methods of attack become ever more sophisticated on a daily basis. Those organisations who have suffered a breach of some sort, suffer a significant loss of reputation as these attacks are reported on a large scale in the media. They are also fined up to £500,000 by the government for lost data or a breach of confidentiality, although penalties are due to increase under new EU regulations. An attack can have an incredibly negative impact on a law firm, therefore it pays to be prepared. Invest in your security systems to improve business IT performance. It is incredibly easy to outsource the protection of your network, which will safeguard your client data and your legal reputation.


Involve Your IT Team In Key Business Decisions


There can often be a gap between boardroom decisions and IT department activities. This gap is needless and is often borne from a lack of communication between top business execs and internal management of technology. Ensure better collaboration by inviting IT business heads with a seat at the boardroom table. Involve them in the decision-making processes and allow them a voice about how the latest innovations in digital technology could improve business IT performance and the efficiency of your operations. Encourage your IT leaders to experiment and create new corporate strategies and business goals together.

If you are looking to overhaul the role of technology in your firm and wish to improve business IT performance, then we can help you. We are experts in providing managed solutions to complement the existing set up of your IT systems. Whether you require us to take the reins and look after your entire digital structure, or if you’d prefer to simply outsource sections of your IT plan which make sense to your business operations, then we are able to assist. Get in touch today for a free IT review and a no obligation quote.