Cyber security is a subject which should always be a foremost concern for any business, but with recent events such as the large-scale NHS hack – part of a global attack – it is no wonder many businesses are looking to boost cyber security in whatever way they can.

Hackers are always thinking and developing techniques to access personal data, working quickly to keep up with the most recent technologies. Additionally, we are dealing with more and more data, which is shared and stored in numerous different ways. As a result, businesses need to be constantly aware of the risks to cyber security and in touch with the newest developments.

As such, developers are having to think of new and innovative ways to keep our data safe. By boosting cyber security regularly, you can keep on top of any potential threats to your chambers.

Improving On Current Security


By now, you probably have a good level of cyber security in place, and it is now just a case of renewing and developing further. There are some simple ways in which you can improve on what you already have in place:

  1. Keep your workforce informed and educated – It is important that everyone within your chambers is aware of cyber security threats and their role in protecting confidential information. This could involve regular training, or sharing information via weekly reports.
  2. Improve user passwords – All employees should be aware of the risks posed by weak passwords. According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, 63% of data breaches are caused by weak passwords. Try to use longer, more variable passwords, and do not reuse passwords from other sites, particularly social media.
  3. Manage your emails effectively – It can be easy to become lax on things like email on a day-to-day basis. Ensure all employees are constantly vigilant of the threats which can occur through unidentified and malicious emails. Check all emails carefully before opening, and do not download any attachments unless you are certain of its origin.
  4. Try new technology – Although passwords are always a popular choice, there is a growing market for biometric identification such as fingerprints, iris recognition, and voice or facial recognition. 2016 saw a number of other technological developments, including Endpoint Detection and Response, and User and Entity Behavioural Analytics.
  5. Update and upgrade current security features – Remember to regularly update your current cyber security programmes and ensure that risk assessments and audits are carried out to identify any weaknesses.
  6. Invest in a cyber security program – Outsourcing your cyber security to experts in the field is a straightforward way to boost your cyber security. CBS can assess your current security features and policies and advise on the best way to move forward. We can introduce you to new techniques and technologies with knowledge and insight.

Boost Cyber Security By Investing In The Future


Although all of the above steps are straightforward, they are an extra worry for any business. In order to really keep track of and boost your cyber security, CBS can provide you with technology, backup, and a reliable cyber security strategy. Specialising in legal chambers, we an expert knowledge of specific requirements and can assist you in keeping up to date with threats and new regulations.

Contact CBS today to find out how we can help protect your chambers, and for more information on new technologies and developments in cyber security.