Do you need to improve cyber security? There are many reasons why it should be at the top of your list of priorities, whether it’s the impending implementation of GDPR or the increased fines for cyber security failures. Cyber security sits at the heart of everything we do, affecting how we use our technology, send emails, store and share data, and in doing business with other organisations.

Every day the risks to our cyber security are greatly increasing, and we are being called on to take steps towards improving how we deal with these everyday threats. Even the country’s largest firms and organisations are struggling to keep up, one particularly sensitive example being the recent attack on the NHS.

Luckily, there are some simple and straightforward ways to help you improve cyber security for your business or chambers.


Improve Cyber Security – Five Simple Measures


1. Update and Upgrade – An easy area to start with is through assessing what you currently have in place and ensuring all the necessary updates and upgrades are out into effect. Upgrades allow your software to work against current threats, giving you the latest defensive protections. However, this is just a starting point – with the current innovations in hacking, it may not be realistic to continue to rely on your old technologies alone, no matter how well they may have served you in the past.


2. Consider new technology  Innovative new technologies are constantly being developed to counteract malicious cyber threats. In particular, keep an eye out for cyber security software that utilises Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. You could also look into replacing passwords with other forms of identification. Biometric Identification is becoming more and more popular, and includes things like iris recognition, fingerprinting, and voice or facial recognition.


3. Understand your data – As a law firm, your organisation will be in possession of vast amounts of data, much of which you may be entirely unaware of. Now is a good time to get familiar with what you have stored with GDPR just around the corner. Advice on preparing for GDPR includes becoming familiar with your data and updating client permissions, so while you’re there make sure you know what you have stored, where it is, and how it is protected. Once you know exactly what is going on where you can then look at organising which of that data is most sensitive and will require higher levels of security. Your cyber security can essentially be tailored to suit your data.


4. Build more walls – Research has found that the vast majority of many businesses’ security budgets are still focused on firewalls, that is, perimeter security. Nowadays, however, there are too many ways to enter a network for this to be completely effective. Every organisation is connected with its clients, vendors, suppliers, etc. via the internet, as well as having a plethora of devices connected to their networks. The best approach is called micro-segmentation. To put it simply, you should build lots of little walls around data that you can’t afford to lose. As such, if perimeter security is breached, these inner walls of protection will act as damage control, keeping your most sensitive data safe.


5. Improve staff training – Keeping everyone on the same page with regards to your cyber security can be a key element of improvement. Employees are often the biggest threat to an organisation’s security, however unintentionally. In fact, IBM’s 2014 Cyber Security Index found that 95% of cyber security incidents were the result of human error. Hackers can find innovative ways to manipulate information, such as login details, from employees, allowing them to move more freely around networks.

By ensuring your staff are always aware of the potential threats and how to deal with them, as well as how best to utilise the security systems you have in place, you can greatly reduce the risk of dangerous mistakes among your own people.

These are basic ways in which you can improve cyber security, but if you would like more information on how to best protect your chambers or business, contact CBSIT today. You could also consider security as a service, allowing you access to the best cyber security with the least amount of stress.