voip phone system

Whilst it might not be a term the average person hears day-to-day, VoIP is ever-present within our day-to-day lives. Whether talking to relatives in different countries via videochat or attending a videocall interview for a new job opportunity, you’re using a type of VoIP phone system to communicate.

VoIP really comes into its own when it’s utilised in a business setting. Particularly for public service industries like law, VoIP calling can offer big benefits in terms of cost, effectiveness and customisation. Here are a few reasons why you need to instal VoIP at your law firm today.


The first and most obvious reason to instal a VoIP phone system is as a cost-cutting strategy. As Small Business points out, using a VoIP telephone is much cheaper than using a traditional phone, as you can call from within your internet allowance with tariff rates that are generally much lower than phone contracts. It is also considerably cheaper to make long-distance business calls using a VoIP provider – an essential factor when dealing with legal clients and bodies overseas.

Easy installation

Whilst VoIP may sound like complicated technology, it is actually very simple to set up. As Ooma notes, whereas most standard telephone lines need to be set up by a professional, many VoIP systems are easy to install either on your own or by a service provider – meaning lower labour costs, and a much quicker setup process.

Talk any time, anywhere

One of the main draws of using VoIP technology is the portability and flexibility it provides. Put simply, with a VoIP setup, you can call anyone, any time, anywhere in the world. All you need is a good internet connection. You can even use your conventional phone with an analog phone adapter (ATA) and VoIP pin so that you don’t always have to use an IP phone. VoIP systems can be accessed via email, and even while travelling. If you’re on the train to a meeting in London and your business partner is in, say, Singapore, you can talk with no problems, as long as you have Wi-Fi.

Videoconferencing and remote work

Once upon a time, scheduling a meeting meant trying to get lots of professionals, each with their own busy schedule, in one room. Now, with VoIP this is no longer necessary. Through videoconferencing, colleagues and clients can communicate through their VoIP phones or computers wherever they are. Even if you are abroad, you can attend meetings remotely via a VoIP connection. You can even control the phone system through a web portal, which is great for those on the move.

Extra features – for free

When you’re using a traditional phone system, there can be so many barriers to getting the most out of your setup. Extra features all entail extra costs and installation time, which is far from ideal for the fast-paced legal sector. With VoIP, on the other hand, these limits are removed, and extra functionality is easily available, usually, without the extra cost. Whether you’re looking for call blocking, call waiting, caller ID, or voicemail, these can all be included in your package.

Secure communications

One of the VoIP extra features that can be most transformative for a law firm is encryption. With VoIP, you can set all your calls and communications to be encrypted to prevent anyone from listening in on your conversations. In an age where malicious agents are always looking for new ways to compromise company information, all communications much be encrypted – not just written, but spoken, too. With the introduction of GDPR, encrypted calls are more important than ever for protecting clients’ personal data – and in turn, maintaining your company’s reputation.

A future-proof VoiP phone system formula

The legal field is changing all the time, and so is technology. This means that any system that is not adaptable and scalable will become redundant in a few years. Traditional phones have developed little in comparison to internet software and hardware systems like VoIP, which is responsive to advancements in technology that can help boost business productivity.

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