mitigating cloud risk

Want to know more about mitigating cloud risk in your chambers without missing out on the benefits? There are many risks associated with cloud systems for law firms, and these threats will only become more critical over time. However, cloud-based systems can help firms store, share and protect vital data, and more and more companies are going paperless to cut costs and improve productivity.

So how do you reap the advantages of the cloud while mitigating the risks involved? Here are five tips to help protect your cloud-based files.

1. Run a risk assessment

Mitigating cloud risk means that you need to regularly run a risk assessment to identify any chinks in your cloud security. From an IT management perspective, this will involve a certain amount of due diligence, ongoing monitoring and a willingness to invest in more comprehensive solutions. Paying for top-tier vendor support from a legal IT provider is one solution.

2. Educate employees

Everyone in your firm – from paralegals to barristers –needs to be educated about the potential risks of the cloud. If your chambers are too casual about the storage and transfer of data, your firm could be at risk. If necessary, run a training course on the subject to highlight the prevalence of cloud-hacking and how to share data responsibly.

3. Learn from IT failures

Cyber attacks and data theft are all over the news. Although small businesses are the often the most vulnerable to attack, even large-scale companies like Cisco are forced to reevaluate their security due to IT failures. Cisco admitted that a cloud configuration error caused data loss and lost productivity in August 2017. In the same month, hundreds of companies using Google Groups for private messages were found to have accidentally exposed sensitive data publicly. This arose due to a configuration error by group administrators.

The good news is that the more data loss happens, the more cloud providers learn about mitigating the risks. The key takeaway? Learn from the IT failures of other chambers to protect your own.

4. Address mobile security

With more and more people doing business remotely you need to be careful about employees accessing company data on their own devices. One solution might be to establish two-step authentication when accessing data and make sure all your files are encrypted.

5. Choose a specialist legal solution

Rather than casually using generic cloud-based solutions like Dropbox or OneDrive, seek out a solution that’s specific to the legal sector. City Business Solutions offers a complete IT management service to those in the legal sector. We know that storing large amounts of sensitive data is crucial to your chambers, which is why we offer a comprehensive solution to the problem of cloud security.

Mitigating cloud risk with CBS

With a professionally managed cloud platform, you will be able to access your data from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that our rigorous security measures will protect your confidential information. With cloud storage from CBS, you can also rest assured that any information is held in compliance with the latest regulations and that your chambers and data will remain safe. We’ll assess and mitigate cloud risk, so you don’t have to. For more information, contact us today.