cloud technology trends

As a busy chambers, you’ll want to meet the ever-growing and ever-informed expectations of clients and customers. To do this you’ll need to be tuned into the latest cloud technology trends across the sector. The development of cloud technologies and the speed at which they’re being adopted makes them a key consideration for all chambers.

IDC predict that almost half of spending on IT in 2018 will be cloud-based. This will increase to 60-70% of all software, services and technology spending by 2020. This makes cloud computing an important consideration for all IT departments. Maintaining a fine balance between adopting the latest technologies and maintaining security protocol will be key to all developments. Below are four key cloud technology trends which businesses should keep in mind for 2019.

Opting for hybrid solutions remains popular

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud computing. Companies are right to feel daunted by the idea of moving all their data to a new solution, and it can also be a long and complex process. The development of the hybrid cloud allows for a transitional period. Businesses can combine their existing on-premises infrastructure and storage with both public and private cloud services. This approach is popular because companies can move to fully cloud managed services at a pace which suits the business, while still delivering the efficiency and flexibility their clients expect.

It is very easy to jump in and attempt to fully transfer to cloud services, but for most businesses it poses a bit more of a challenge. Hybrid cloud solutions allow everything to be done securely, at a suitable speed for the business and usually at a lower cost too. Hybrid solutions may become less of a requirement as new businesses begin using cloud services from their inception, but for 2019 they’ll still remain one of the leading cloud technology trends.

Diversity in cloud solutions continues to grow

The number and types of cloud computing solutions for businesses will increase significantly in 2019. Researchers across the sector have seen considerable leaps in many different types of cloud solutions including:

In these core areas of cloud computing the commitment to investment shows their central role in how IT will function in the future.

Automation will become essential

Automated cloud services are very useful and can remove the need for many manual functions. There are services which are not automated at present but in 2019, automation will be viewed as an indispensable feature of good cloud services. Cloud automation facilitates workflow and makes cloud administrators’ jobs less bureaucratic and more skilled-based. Companies of all sizes will look to develop cloud architectures, with tools designed to automate processes that don’t need human input. This in turn saves considerable costs and can eliminate unnecessary manual processes which waste valuable time.

GDPR will impact on security matters

In 2019 many companies will still be assessing and working on the impact of GDPR. Many will have the difficult task of ensuring all of their data practices are compliant and this includes their use of the cloud. More companies are predicted to move to the cloud, but this also means there will be an increase in cybersecurity threats as criminals look to exploit any gaps in security.

The advantages that come with cloud computing mean that many businesses want to quickly move over and don’t consider the security implications involved. Cloud compliance under GDPR is complex. A recent survey by Commvault found only 12% of companies surveyed understand how GDPR will affect their cloud services. This creates an opening for more security and compliance professionals to ensure gaps are filled and any vulnerabilities in the cloud are recognised. Beyond this, it further supports the idea that hybrid solutions will be extremely popular in 2019 and going forward.

Harnessing cloud technology trends for your business

The cloud computing trends listed above are just some of the many advances we can expect in the coming year and beyond. Cloud services are adaptable and flexible, making them ideal for our clients in the legal sector. Our experienced team at City Business Solutions are able to offer support and guidance on the right cloud solutions for your chambers in 2019. To book a free IT consultation, call us on 020 3355 7334.