hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud delivers all the benefits of the cloud without the risks. For law firms, many of whom rely on the absolute protection of sensitive information, low-risk solutions are paramount, which is where hybrid cloud technology comes in.

Today’s lawyers face rising costs and budget restraints, which is why the right technology is needed to help them run their chambers efficiently. Luckily, law firms can now benefit from the low cost and flexibility of hybrid cloud computing, without compromising security.

What is the hybrid cloud?

Cloud computing is the new norm for most modern businesses, allowing them to access data and share files from anywhere at any time. However, many law firms are reluctant to store information this way because of concerns about data protection. The hybrid cloud – also known as the multi-cloud – offers greater security and efficiency, removing the risk from many of the business decisions that law firms face.

According to Forbes, the term “hybrid cloud” refers to the “pairing of public and private clouds, which are bound or orchestrated by standardised or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability.”

The benefits of hybrid cloud for lawyers

Keeping up with new technology developments is one of the biggest challenges faced by law firms today. Luckily, the hybrid cloud offers a whole host of benefits, making it an obvious choice for law firms. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Improved data security: Hybrid cloud ensures data security compliance as standard. With the right service provider, your law firm will have access to strong security and encryption, so that your client’s confidentiality is safeguarded at all times. What’s more, storing your data away from your chambers means that no matter what happens to the building, your data remains safe.
  • Better business continuity: Hybrid cloud software can take responsibility for all your data protection, software updates and maintenance, ensuring that client services can be delivered from anywhere, whatever is happening in your chambers. This kind of system is essential for disaster recovery, whereby your recovery plan can be deployed (in the event of a break-in or natural disaster) to maintain business continuity and prevent further damage to your business.
  • Reduced costs: Reducing costs is a key driver for many law firms adopting cloud services, with many lawyers wanting to switch out their fixed IT costs for a more flexible solution. Hybrid cloud can help you migrate your business online, minimising the costs of management overheads, energy, insurance and IT maintenance.

Are there any drawbacks?

Like all new technologies, the hybrid cloud does have some drawbacks. Public cloud systems are cheaper than private ones, for a start, but they do not offer the kind of security provisions needed to operate a law firm, especially with growing threats to cyber security.

The only other setback when using the hybrid cloud is that companies must make sure they use an IT provider with the right skills to configure, develop and manage their cloud infrastructures – particularly if the business itself does not have hire dedicated IT staff. Luckily, at City Business Solutions, we are experts in legal IT solutions, so we can support you every step of the way.

Is the hybrid cloud right for your chambers?

Private cloud solutions provide the highest levels of security and control for law firms. This is why many lawyers opt for a hybrid cloud solution that combines private cloud storage with on-demand public cloud services. To find out how the hybrid cloud could transform your law firm, contact City Business Solutions today on 020 3355 7334.