cyber security support

UK businesses are at risk of cybercrime all day, every day. While this may sound like scare mongering, the government’s own Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018 found that 43% of businesses reported a breach in the 12 months to winter 2017. They also found that cyber security has become a top priority for decision makers for the 74% of businesses surveyed.

With such statistics, its easy to see why cyber security support is becoming a vital investment for savvy professionals. Even more recently, a report from Atomik Research shows that businesses are looking to the government for guidance with their cyber security support and protection.

Atomik Research’s study took in the views of over 500 senior IT professionals across the UK, to get a broad picture of confidence and priorities in relation to cyber security. The results seem fairly bleak and have resulted in calls for the government to provide much more information in order for businesses to protect themselves against cyber security threats.

More common and sophisticated cyber attacks

68% of IT professionals surveyed said their businesses had suffered one cyber attack or more in the last twelve months. These many different cyber security threats leave 31% believing that the government has more to do to support and guide businesses in the event of an attack.

The study considered the views of IT professionals and those best positioned to understand cybercrime. It found that 19% had no proper plan in place to deal with a cyber attack. The rapid rate at which cyber criminals change the way they approach businesses, from hacking to DDoS attacks, makes it a very complex and ongoing issue to deal with. Cyber security support needs to be flexible and keep up with the fast-paced nature of cybercrime. Current research suggests Ransomware is becoming less of a target for cyber criminals while cryptomining and cryptojacking are becoming much more of a focus.

Making cyber security support a priority

While the Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018 found that the issue is a real priority for many UK businesses, this isn’t reflected in reality. It also showed that only 30% of businesses currently had a board member with any responsibility for cyber security and many were lagging behind in terms of understanding what a cyber threat may actually look like or entail.

The potential losses for a business after a cyber attack can be devastating. Atomik Research also found that of those who had suffered a cyber attack, 67% had experienced a financial loss and 37% had lost customers. Many of these issues can be mitigated and reputations can be protected with the right level of support.

Outsourcing cyber security support

Business owners have a huge number of priorities. While cyber security may be up there, it may not be able to be the focus it needs to be. Working with professional IT and cyber security support providers like us ensures this vital area of your business is protected. We offer an extensive range of support services tailored to your business needs. Want to find out more? Contact us today to discuss your firm’s requirements.