AI and cuber security

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds according to a study by the University of Maryland and businesses have to be primed to deal with such events. As technology develops and expands, businesses need to look at the newest ways of combatting cybercrime. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are powerful weapons in the arsenal against cybercrime but when they are also being used by criminals themselves, defence and prevention becomes even harder. Businesses need to strike a balance to ensure they’re able to handle more sophisticated cyber attacks and continue to move their businesses forward – but how?

Creativity in Cybercrime

Older security technologies are no longer enough to deal with the threat of sophisticated cyber criminals. Research from Nexusguard found large-scale DDoS attacks increased by 500% in the second quarter of 2018 and this is a figure that will only increase further. The nature of cyber crime is developing too, with the following kinds of attack on the increase:

Cloud Ransom Attacks

Cloud ransom attacks focus on the cloud console of organisations. The cloud has become an invaluable tool for the storage and processing of data for many businesses. However, because cyber security isn’t up to scratch at many firms, managing cloud-related ransomware and similar attacks is challenging. Once hackers have access to a company’s cloud console they have the power to delete or modify all of a company’s data in some instances. This leaves companies powerless, with the only option being to pay the ransom.

Deep Penetration Attacks

Cyber criminals are also able to lay low within systems and extend their dwelling time. This may mean they’re lying low for months before choosing the perfect moment for an attack. They have the sophistication and creativity to position themselves to reap the greatest gain through the destruction or manipulation of a company’s assets.

Context-Sensitive Attacks

As cybercriminals gain more information and become strategically more aware, they focus in on individuals and teams within organisations. Once again, the aim is to reek maximum destruction for personal gain.

How AI and Cyber Security Combine

Artificial intelligence is becoming the driving force behind automation for many companies. Smarter automation allows for faster and more efficient processing. However, it also means less human input, which can leave loopholes for cybercriminals.

Systems which learn for themselves through machine learning are also at risk from cyber attacks. This is because they do not have the human intelligence to warn anyone of an attack. With the right AI software however, computers can keep up with big data produced by sophisticated cyber security systems. This means they can learn to defend against the newest attacks discovered. Artificial intelligence can be used as an early detection tool, discovering genuine cyber security threats before they become attacks.

AI and cyber security are also a perfect partnership for the appropriate scaling of operations to manage cybercrime. Security teams can sometimes feel that they have a huge burden on their shoulders, with the growing number and variety of cyberattacks. Artificial intelligence allows for automation of some elements, such as early detection and incident management. Machine-based systems generate massive amounts of data which makes it hard for human security experts to keep up with and adequately process it all. Computers and AI are perfectly primed to find and attack elements quickly and efficiently, but they do not have the intelligence to act beyond this point. This is why human security experts are still invaluable. They are necessary for deciding which actions to take and how to protect businesses from both a legal and financial perspective.

Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Working in Harmony

Artificial intelligence and human intelligence need to work together to effectively cancel out the impact of cyber criminals. The next development in artificial intelligence, deep learning, may mean AI can operate more like the human brain. In time, we may find machines are capable of delivering cyber security support that is on par with human experts.

For businesses and chambers looking to enhance their cyber security, embracing AI is essential. For more information about what AI and machine learning could bring to your chambers, contact City Business Solutions on 020 3355 7334.