IT security

Despite constantly improving technological solutions, concerns for IT security in 2019 still manifest in most places of work. Although companies are able to utilise more advanced techniques to combat digital threats, unfortunately those perpetrating the threats are also becoming more advanced. Keeping your IT systems secure is a constant game of cat and mouse as threats and solutions become more progressive. Legal firms routinely handle sensitive data, so with this is mind, what can we expect from IT security in 2019?

Preparation is key

Some experts believe that 2019 will see an improved internal awareness for businesses – whilst many threats are created and distributed externally, internal threats remain a primary concern. Rather than malicious employees, these threats are more likely to come from staff who may inadvertently download viruses, send sensitive data insecurely, or fall for phishing scams.

With ever-advancing digital threats to individuals and businesses, keeping your staff prepared is key. Training employees on how to respond to security breaches mitigates some of the risk by, for instance, creating awareness of how to report threats, avoiding accidental downloading of viruses, and verifying identities of callers or email senders.

Engage with improved responses

Of course, increased awareness on responding to threats in the workplace is important, but in 2019 we may see more technology available that can detect and respond to threats on our behalf. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) and managed detection and response (MDR) technologies are still pretty new in terms of IT security but could be big business in 2019.

What are they, exactly? This software monitors the behaviour of anything that gets past standard security tools such as firewalls and anti-virus software, alerting users to anything out of the ordinary and putting a stop to it. Programmes like these provide an extra layer of intelligent security against sophisticated threats for added peace of mind and accurate assessment of malicious activity.

Handling sensitive information is part of the job, and lawyers in 2019 should increasingly consider these more advanced solutions to online threats.

Stay accountable for IT security

A crucial part of keeping your IT systems secure is by making sure everyone plays by the rules. This involves using complex passwords, changing them regularly, and properly encrypting information with no exceptions for the busy and encumbered.

Being busy and on-the-go may lead to temptations to bypass automatic email encryptions or other bad habits, so in 2019 it’s imperative to get your IT security systems up to date and to make sure everyone is using them correctly.

Review legislation in IT security

Another side to the coin for legal firms may be to increase legislation surrounding IT security in order to keep us safe. In 2019, it could be the case that other areas follow suit after the EU implemented GDPR in 2018, meaning legal firms could have far more interaction with data security laws than they did previously. Data protection and cybersecurity are intrinsically linked, and it makes sense that regulations need to move with the times and provide modern responses to IT security. Lawyers could expect to have more involvement in new IT security regulations to keep not just them, but everyone, safe.

2019 is going to see continued innovation in IT security, and it’s essential that legal firms keep up with the pace. At CBS we can help you find the best IT security options for you and your firm, designing what works for you in line with ever-changing expectations. To have a chat and see what we can offer you, get in touch today and take the important steps to keep your chambers risk-free in 2019.