preventing malware

The threat of cybercrime is real, regardless of the size of a business. Cyber threats remain a top concern for industry leaders, and the evolution of new technologies increases the dangers significantly. 

For example, IoT devices have become a key target for malware attackers. This is just one example of how the more we embrace technology, the more prepared we have to be to manage and protect our businesses against threats.

Preventing malware should be a security focus for all companies. Businesses of every size and sector are working to combat the threat of malware, and IT professionals need to do the same.

Preventing malware: Understanding the threat

Malware refers to any computer program which is installed onto a computer or device without the owner’s permission. It is considered malicious because the aim of malware is to damage the operation of the device or perform illegal activities.

Malware has traditionally been tackled using specialist software and input from experts. The problem with this approach is that cybercriminals are now more sophisticated in their methods. Even the best anti-virus and anti-malware software requires updates, and it is not always possible for them to update in line with the biggest threats.

Staying ahead of malware attackers can no longer remain a manual task. Therefore, more businesses are turning to automation, machine learning and AI to improve their security. Keeping up with the latest malware prevention methods is key to combatting these threats. 

Implementation of AI for preventing malware

Back in 2017, Forrester Research predicted a 300% growth in AI investment, proving just how important this new technology was for businesses. While not all this investment has been given to cybersecurity, this is a clear area where AI can make a difference.

Artificial intelligence can play a key role in preventing malware. However, to understand how valuable it can be, it is important to look at how it differs from previous software options. AI can move on from the traditional process of trapping malware to hunting it down before it becomes a problem. Due to its ability to hunt malware, AI is invaluable to modern businesses.

Malware detection tools utilising AI can identify malware using learned models of behaviour and instantly block them. AI can also spot unusual changes within systems and networks and instantly query them. It picks up issues such as:

  • Large amounts of data being transferred to an unknown external host
  • Overuse of resources
  • New unrecognised programs being used on the network
  • Unusual login times

These anomalies are all indicative of malware. In hunting them down, AI is able to limit the risk they pose and notify security professionals before the threat increases. A combination of technology and human input is essential for effectively preventing malware.

AI minimises human error

While those working in IT security are skilled and experienced in their roles, human nature means there is a risk of error in all tasks. Computer and machine-based technologies do not have this same potential for mistakes. An automated tool is not influenced by anything aside from the anomalies it is designed to hunt for. The nature of machine-based learning means we still need professionals in cybersecurity for many core tasks in the battle against malware. However, their time can be used more effectively as machine-based learning allows for increased automation.

It is also important to remember that AI is a new application in cybersecurity, and it isn’t perfect. While it can play a key role in preventing malware, it won’t be enough on its own. Best practice for safeguarding all IT systems must be followed, regardless of the sophistication of modern cybersecurity tools. At its current stage, AI is a tool for surveillance rather than threat destruction. Firms should be aware of this and not become too reliant on AI, or they could find themselves in need of additional IT support.

Working with experts to ensure cyber protection

Businesses who are not committed to preventing malware are putting themselves and their customers at risk. The importance of protecting against such threats is vital for the security of your business and the protection of client data and files. At City Business Solutions we offer a range of security services to protect and support businesses. You can contact us today on 020 3355 7334 to learn more.