law firm interviews

Finding high calibre candidates for your law firm can be challenging. Not only do you need to find someone who can understand your clients’ needs, but they must also be able to adapt to the changing legal sector.

Current legislation and guidelines make sure employers treat candidates fairly and don’t discriminate against them during the recruitment process. But this isn’t all there is to consider in law firm interviews –you also need to keep technology in the front of mind.

Law firm interviews

Perhaps the most important part of the recruitment process is the interview. If you ask the right questions, you can confirm a candidate’s technical knowledge and competency to do the job. You’ll also get a feel for their work ethic and whether they will be a good fit for your firm.

Interview questions vary greatly, but a mixture covering the following areas will help you gain an in-depth insight into your candidates:

  • Motivation for working in the law industry
  • Character and personality
  • Knowledge of your firm
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ethics
  • Position-specific questions, for example, mergers and acquisitions
  • legal technology and data

3 technology-related questions for law firm interviews

Technology has been a catalyst for transformation in the legal field. As it becomes more mainstream, it is crucial that all staff, from entry-level training contract holders to senior partners, embrace tech and understand its impact on your business. So, what interview questions can you ask to help you choose a tech-savvy candidate?

How can legal tech help our firm maintain a competitive advantage?

This law firm interview question lets a candidate show that they understand the need for technology in a highly-competitive industry.

Here, a candidate might discuss how client expectations have changed thanks to retail giants such as Amazon providing real-time customer service and 24/7 access to its services. For the legal sector, this means speeding up customer response times. This can be achieved by using chatbots to answer common client queries on your website. Alternatively, you could provide a self-service portal with an intuitive search function to give clients access to legal documents they can fill in themselves.

How is the rise of legal technology and AI impacting law firms?

For this answer, your interviewee should be talking about some of the uses for legal tech in law firms.

For example, AI and machine learning are used in legal research platforms to pull out relevant case law for current legal issues. They could mention how productivity is being improved by the automation of administrative tasks such as scheduling and billing. The impact of the cloud on data storage and security may also be mentioned. Pay-as-you-go cloud storage reduces upfront IT infrastructure costs and provides secure storage for data. It also improves processing times as it has significantly more processing power than in-house servers.

Should law firms care about legal technology? If so, why?

Here, you’re looking for candidates to talk about the opportunities legal tech offers and how it is essential to stay informed about innovation and new developments in the sector.

If you are a small law firm, your candidate might talk about how legal tech puts you on an equal footing with your larger competitors. If you’re a larger company, they may focus on efficiency gains and how technology allows for a more flexible and agile working culture.

For example, the cloud means employees no longer have to be office-based, as they can access systems from anywhere in the world. Interviewees may also point out that legal tech offers better access to legal services thanks to more affordable DIY legal aids.

Initially, there was resistance to the changes brought about by legal tech. This was an understandable reaction from an industry trained to focus on precedent and statutory interpretation. Now, legal tech is developing quickly as a strand of technology in its own right and shows no sign of slowing down. Law firm interviews should include questions which test the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of current legal technology and its impact on the industry.

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