Legal Tech

Legal services are now using technology as much as in any other industry. Improving efficiency and streamlining many processes, legal tech can keep legal firms up to date in a rapidly changing world.

Powerful legal tech tools are allowing firms of all sizes to access research and data. Previously, this information may have been out of reach for smaller firms and sole practitioners.

The digital age has brought about changes to how all sectors of business work. The legal world has been relatively slow to adopt new technologies. In the race to catch up, there is the genuine danger that firms start introducing any and every technology on offer.

Delivery of legal services is becoming more business orientated and separated from traditional legal knowledge. The image of a closed world inaccessible to the public is gradually disappearing. In lots of ways, this is good news for both law firms and their clients.

What are the benefits of legal tech?

Introducing the right legal tech can add real value to your business. For example, the ability to respond quickly to clients’ needs and speed up service times improves customer satisfaction rates. And automating day-to-day tasks will enhance productivity. Other benefits include:

  • Research is becoming a streamlined process. Digital research gives real-time results and saves time.
  • Document integration is another area where law firms can become slick. You can access documents online rather than retrieving it manually from storage.
  • Communication with courts and other professionals becomes more immediate with the use of the correct technology. A judge asking for additional evidence needn’t cause an adjournment if files can be accessed and shared in real-time.
  • Customers will find the legal tech embraced by their law firm gives them a superior experience. Automated email and chat technologies will keep your clients informed and engaged.

Is there too much choice for legal tech

The legal world has been slower than other sectors to take advantage of technology. The result? A rush to implement transformational technology without carrying out proper reviews to identify the ones which will benefit a business the most. The abundance of legal tech offerings is daunting. As the Financial Times described, the array of systems being developed is dizzying. Developers are speeding up the delivery of systems, apps, software and data storage systems.

While innovating is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage, avoid rushing into decisions about software and systems. Firstly, you’ll need to make sure your strategy supports the successful introduction of new technology. You must carry out an audit to identify which technologies you’re already using and how new ones will fit into your IT infrastructure. Also, look at whether you have the skills in-house to use the technology or whether you’ll need to employ new staff. Once you’ve made sure your firm is ready for new technology, then you can move on to choosing the right ones.

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