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For many law firms, digital transformation has been a slow process. There is a lot of nervousness and reluctance for various reasons, while budget can be another factor for smaller firms. But despite putting off the move to digital, there’s no denying the benefits for law firms.

While businesses in other industries have been using technology to improve processes and save time and money, the legal sector has been left behind. Dated work practices have meant that organisations have been reluctant to adopt new technology, leaving them trailing behind those embracing this kind of innovation.

Today, there are questions about whether digital skills should be added to the law syllabus. Some consider this a way to address the digital skills gap that exists in the industry. Moreover, to prepare the next generation for new ways of working which use technology to its advantage.

About digital practice management systems

Many law firms are now moving to digital practice management systems to get the best out of their resources. The purpose of these systems is simple. They make work more straightforward and accurate, reduce time spent doing routine tasks and free up time for better client relationship management. But what are the benefits of introducing a practice management system for your firm?

The benefits of a digital practice management system

Understanding the benefits of a digital practice management system can help you work out if the investment is the right move for you. Advantages include:

More effective storage of client data

Practice management systems provide firms with simple ways to manage client data. Holding data electronically reduces the time spent sifting through files and paperwork to get the information you need. It also becomes easier to edit data and add new information.

Doing more without additional resources

One of the key benefits of using a practice management system is the possibilities that automation can bring. Automating essential administrative tasks allows your teams to do more high-value work, benefiting their workloads and your resources. Lawtech is benefiting from growing investment, which means the technology is continually improving and delivering smarter, faster solutions for law firms.

Better client interaction

In most aspects of life today, it’s possible to ‘self-serve’ and carry out personal administration online. From booking medical appointments to paying electricity bills, you can carry out many tasks quickly online. Using digital practice management systems allows clients to check progress, provide information and manage their accounts easily. It is improving the customer experience and reducing service waiting times. Law firms don’t have to deal with as much paperwork. Self-service also means firms can provide faster resolutions, especially in areas such as contracts, where contractual performance can be automated and conveyancing.

Improved security

Cybersecurity is an essential consideration for law firms, especially since the introduction of GDPR. Legal organisations are under an obligation to store client data safely and securely. Using a management tool can help to provide the required protection and encryption to protect data and reduce the risk of a cyberattack.

A digital future for law firms?

Moving towards a digital management system makes sense for law firms, but there are factors at play holding smaller firms back. Not knowing which of the many technologies to install, a lack of resource to run them and small budgets are all primary concerns. However, by consulting with a specialist IT consultancy, you can get advice and recommendations on the most appropriate system for your firm.

At City Business Solutions, we specialise in helping law firms with their individual tech needs. We provide all IT services, from getting you set up to remote tech support once your system is in place. Get in touch with our team to see how a practice management system could benefit your firm.