legal software solutions

In a digitally-driven world, technology has become one of the most powerful tools for business growth in the legal industry. And, with a fiercely competitive market, quick turnarounds and a seamless client experience have become more crucial than ever before.

Remaining efficient and retaining clients are two major challenges for busy law practices, with the latter often impacted by the former. However, having the right legal software solutions in place can instantly transform your firm’s operations and client service.

Legal software solutions

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top legal software solutions on the market today.

Billing and Timekeeping 


Keeping on top of billing and timekeeping can be a challenge for even the most professional of firms. Bill4Time is designed to simplify your invoicing processes and organise your workflow, ensuring you don’t miss out on revenue.

Complete with smart timekeeping features, the software also allows you to effortlessly customise and generate branded invoices and billing, in a matter of minutes. Bill4Time provides you with quick access to billing status. For added convenience, you can link your invoices seamlessly to online payments, helping you get paid faster.

Another firm favourite for legal practices of all sizes is Clio, a cloud-based management platform ideal for a collaborative approach to task management.

The platform allows users to track important deadlines, manage cases, organise documentation, invoice clients, and receive payments. With access available from both desktop and mobile devices, it’s the perfect solution for those on the go.

Clio’s all-in-one dashboard provides an overview of billable hour targets and goals, and displays useful insights on performance, keeping all team members in the loop.

What’s more, the platform’s collaborative capabilities enable tasks to be allocated to specific team members, helping to improve project management and team input.

Productivity and Organisation

Legal Files 

Every lawyer will, at one stage or another, feel overwhelmed when it comes to document management. But finding the right solution to keep your documentation in check, can make all the difference to your firm’s productivity.

Legal Files offers its users an affordable and effective solution to organising and securely storing sensitive files. Use this legal software for a whole host of document management tasks; from case matter files to auto task scheduling, file notes to litigation management. The program can support an unlimited number of cases, documents and users, catering to a vast range of legal and administrative functions.


You may be snowed under with paperwork. Or if you simply love to scribble down notes, but have a habit of mislaying said notes, then Evernote needs to be in your toolkit.

You can capture notes easily, effortlessly organise them in one safe place and quickly share them with your team members while away from your desk.

Evernote is a versatile tool, brilliant for gathering important information on-the-move and keeping it safe. From scanning business cards, jotting down meeting notes, to importing web page content onto your phone.


Cybersecurity has never been more under threat, yet too few professionals are taking precautions to protect their business and its online data. A password management software, such as LastPass, is an essential tool for your law firm.
All you need to do is remember one master password and let LastPass take care of the rest. Install the extension to your browser, and you’re ready to connect safely to your work.

Finding the right software for your law firm

With a wide variety of legal software solutions to choose from, investing in the right technology can be an overwhelming process.

When making your decision, bear in mind your overarching goals and not just the nifty features on offer. Where will your firm be in the next 5-10 years? And will potential expansion or growth impact your needs? Future-proof your criteria and ensure your software suits you for the long term and not just for now.

Don’t be afraid to ask providers plenty of questions to see how the software will work alongside your specific business needs. Also, take advantage of free trials to experience the benefits for yourself before committing to your purchase.

While technology can be an incredibly powerful asset to your law firm, it’s vital that it works exactly as it should to reap the rewards. That’s why many law firms are choosing to outsource their IT solutions to a specialist service. Contact us now to discover how our bespoke management solutions can help your firm.