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Biometrics are widely used across all industries in today’s digital world, from making payments to accessing secure information. But how can this technology be used in your legal chambers? In this article, we discuss the top ways that biometrics could benefit your legal firm.

The widespread effect of biometrics

The biometrics market is expected to be worth a massive $42,904.56 million by the end of 2025.

Biometric technology is currently being used by government agencies, airports, banks and hospitals to name but a few industries. This is because it offers many benefits, including saving both time and money and enhancing security. It touches many areas of our lives already, and the evolving technology means it will become even more apparent over the coming years.

Using biometrics in your legal chambers

As an employer, biometrics will give you the ability to improve current processes and the safety of your employees and data. It can be achieved through:

Workforce management

Effortlessly manage your workforce by using biometrics to log working hours and absenteeism through a clocking-in system. The intelligent technology will instantly provide a report that tracks employee’s movements, eliminating errors that can be made through other systems or manual input.

Increase productivity

Through using biometrics, employees will no longer waste time recovering forgotten passwords or trying to access information that they need through long-winded processes. It means that employees can focus on their daily responsibilities instead.

Improve security

Fingerprint scanners are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to access an office building or room that holds sensitive information. For your legal chambers, this would be a great way to protect client’s data and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Externally with clients, biometrics will offer a quicker and more secure service. This can be achieved through:

Utilising voice authentication for payments

Provide your clients with an efficient and safe way to make payments for their legal services through a voice authentication system for mobile payments. Biometric technology has been proven to reduce the risk of fraud. Your clients can be confident that their money and details are safe when making payments to your legal firm.

Simplifying processes

Biometrics can streamline processes such as compliance reporting and audits. It is useful for legal firms because of the need to store and access client’s files and data in a certain way.


By using biometric technology, your legal firm is offering the most efficient service possible. It will not only make your legal chambers stand out amongst competitors but also help you retain valuable customers.

The benefits of using biometrics

The many benefits associated with biometric technology include its ability to speed up the authentication process tenfold. It is the most significant way that biometrics can ease the everyday stresses of your legal chambers.

Saving time is another bonus that biometrics offer. Authentication checks happen instantaneously, which is a significant change from manually checking forms of ID.

The technology could also realise cost savings from the amount of admin time you will save by using it.

The challenges of using biometrics

As with any technology, it can go wrong or make errors. Keep this in mind when you’re putting your backup plans in place.

Biometric identifiers also can’t be changed, unlike passwords. It makes the possibility of fingerprints and other data being hacked and stolen a considerable risk. Data should be fully protected and stored on the cloud to try to protect your legal firm as much as possible.

Biometric devices can also be a lot more costly than other security methods. However, many would argue that the benefits outweigh the initial cost.

Safely and securely store your legal chambers’ data

The technology behind biometrics is rapidly developing, making it vital that you adequately protect your legal chambers’ data. Our team of IT experts will provide you with a tailored service to find the best cloud solution for you. Contact us to find out more.