happy workplace

A happy workplace and engaged employees are some of the necessary foundations of business success.

Technology has transformed many areas of business operations, and it now plays a big part in boosting and sustaining employee engagement.

So how do you use technology to create and maintain a happy workplace, and why is it particularly important in the legal sector?

What is employee engagement?

An engaged employee is one who is passionate about their work, cares about the company’s reputation and enjoys their role. Engagement in the workplace is often described as the emotional connection that a member of staff has with their job.

Why is employee engagement important to legal firms?

Engaged employees are more productive, provide better customer service and have reduced absence days.

With the legal sector being a high-pressure environment to work in, high levels of employee engagement are crucial to retain talent and encourage continual improvement.

Ultimately, if employees are engaged, then you will create a high-performance culture for your legal firm.

Boost employee engagement and promote a happy workplace with technological tools

A report from 2019 revealed that one in four workers considers bad workplace technology as a reason to leave a job. It’s essential that your legal firm embraces technology to maintain a happy workplace. Adopt some of the methods and tools described below and start seeing many other benefits that employee engagement and technology can bring.

Encourage teamwork

Developments in technology have made it easier than ever before for employees to communicate with each other wherever they may be. Collaborative working has many benefits, including increased productivity and learning possibilities.

Tools to promote collaborative working include:

  • A shared workplace platform – Dropbox and Google Drive allow employees to work on live documents together. There is an added advantage of having files backed up on the cloud too.
  • Project management systems – websites such as Basecamp and Trello allow you to set tasks, chat and share projects. These systems are a great way to increase engagement and communication amongst employees.
  • Conferencing technology – video conferencing provides clearer communication, increased efficiency and boosts employee interaction.

Boost efficiency through automation

Replacing repetitive tasks with technology is an effective way to create a happy workplace and high levels of employee engagement. Staff no longer have to deal with the mundane and can focus instead on more complex, interesting work. For legal firms, automating admin tasks can also boost productivity levels and reduce error rates.

AI is a rapidly developing technology that is becoming an important tool for businesses. One of the many benefits of AI includes automating processes.

Allow mobile working

Mobile working is continuing to grow in popularity. Technology is making it possible to achieve a better work-life balance as well as bringing benefits to businesses. Mobile working gives employees greater access to work files and information so that they can work anywhere.

Reduced commute times means an increase in productivity as they can spend that time working rather than travelling. And the flexibility of being able to work during evenings and weekends if they want to gives them more control and more job satisfaction.

For a legal firm, offering mobile working will make you more appealing to prospective employees, which will help you recruit new talent.

Try gamification

Gamification has proven to be hugely successful at boosting motivation in the workplace. Tools and software help businesses improve employee engagement by engaging employees emotionally, rewarding desirable behaviours and inject excitement into their workday.

Staff can earn rewards like badges and coins while moving up leader boards and hitting their goals provides competition and motivation. Experts expect gamification to evolve with technology, making it a trend that’s worth adopting in your legal firm.

IT support systems that work with technology

Today’s modern workforce expects employers to provide flexible ways of working and a better work-life balance. These factors are also proven ways to attract new talent to your law firm.

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