IT cloud solutions

With the global AI market set to rise significantly, developments in AI-driven IT cloud solutions appear to contribute seamlessly to improved IT security. Data breaches have been increasing in frequency and costliness, bringing potential damage to businesses’ reputations and finances – particularly within the legal sector. There is real scope for cloud-based AI solutions to positively impact law firms, especially when it comes to improving safety.

Different types of IT cloud solutions

Prevention of DDOS attacks: DDOS attacks are a major issue in modern business, occurring when hackers flood the system of a host to temporarily disrupt their online network resources. As clouds have far greater bandwidth than private networks, these attacks are rendered near impossible. AI technology can frequently identify attacks quicker than a human would, diffusing the attack before it even has the chance to reach your system.

Enhancing compliance: IT cloud solutions ensure that your business complies with security regulations, such as checking that your devices are utilising updated software. This is integral for making sure there are no gaps in security that might allow hackers to attack. IT cloud solutions often contain additional security provisions, such as multi-factor authentication and firewall protection to make sure your business is as well protected as possible.

Data security: When transferring information in the cloud, more detailed protocols are in place to protect data. These can include encryption and more thorough use of passwords. Such measures mean there is less likelihood for eavesdropping, leading to data breaches.

Centralised model: A real benefit of AI-driven IT cloud solutions is the ability to have one central platform where all key data is stored. This platform has far greater size capabilities and is better protected against security concerns. This type of serverless PAAS model leads to less time being spent on hardware issues and reduces up-front business costs.

The benefits of AI

AI brings with it advanced cognitive processing, often including features such as audio fingerprinting, OCR and facial recognition. These elements enable the immediate extraction of metadata, providing high-quality security measures in a way that is more time-efficient and less labour intensive.

Significantly AI has democratised the business sector, increasing scope for smaller businesses. Cloud-based solutions mean that businesses require fewer resources, less expensive hardware and less on-premises equipment. The viability of an idea can be tested online through creating a basic prototype that can be showcased for feedback, without having to use up too much time or resources. Innovation becomes accessible, affordable and diverse thanks to the set up that already exists in the cloud.

How AI can contribute to the safety of law firms

While concerns have been voiced over the safety of AI when it comes to client confidentiality in the legal sector, many IT cloud solutions can, in fact, offer a greater level of safety than the standard on-premises framework. Some improvements include:

  • Encryption, detection systems and network tunnels prevent unauthorised access to data
  • In-built policies and procedures relating directly to confidentiality, data protection, privacy and processing integrity
  • Automatic file back-ups

What’s more, with law firms becoming increasingly mobile and remote working becoming the norm, legal data can be consolidated into a cloud location for immediate access. Data can be moved between devices or between client and lawyer securely and efficiently. Cloud-based working is becoming recognised as an efficient and exciting move forward for business, with Microsoft, Amazon and Google just some of the corporate giants embracing a cloud infrastructure.

What’s next?

AI-driven IT cloud solutions hold great potential to bring better security to the legal sector. To find out how your company could benefit, get in touch.