CTS Commitment

Our Commitment To Providing A Bespoke Service For Our Clients

In November, we made the exciting announcement that CBS had been acquired by the leading cloud provider to the legal sector, CTS, forming a ‘legal sector powerhouse’ to meet the unique needs of our law firm and barristers’ chambers clients.

At the same time, CTS announced their acquisition of Sprout IT, a competing provider to the sector, and we plan to fully integrate both companies under the CTS brand during 2021. Together, we have been thinking hard about how we can best meet market demand both today and in the future, in particular around how we can enhance service to clients.

We are clear that the market demands choice and that the current Sprout IT and CBS service options are attractive to different segments of the market. Therefore, until mid 2021 we will continue to deliver both options and will of course commit to the associated terms and pricing structures.

We’d like to assure both our existing and prospective clients that we will continue to provide a choice. Post-integration, we plan to deliver two enhanced service options tailored to the chambers market and designed to fit the specific commercial and technical demands of distinct sets. Both options will include a focus on enhanced client support via our specialised client success team.

The teams at Sprout IT and CBS will work collaboratively to offer different levels of service to the market. In practice, this means that if a firm approaches Sprout IT or CBS to work together, we’ll provide full transparency across both businesses of all options, and liaise with the set to recommend a route forward that delivers the best solution for their needs. For our existing clients, we will of course continue to provide the expected level of service at the price agreed, meeting our contractual agreement.

Our go-forward strategy is focused around delivering a highly specialised service to our clients, from which they derive clear, transformative value. As we move into the next chapter for our business, we will further enhance the service we provide and give clients access to a wider range of solutions and specialist technical skillsets.

We hope this update provides clarity on our position and gives our current and future clients confidence in selecting CBS as their IT partner.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about our plans for the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.