ios 14

iOS 14 was rolled out in September 2020, promising Apple users greater security and privacy when using their mobile operating system. The latest iOS 14 cybersecurity features are designed to make consumers and their data safer than ever before, with enhanced options which can be clicked on or off from within the Settings of the device. But with mobile communications essential to modern living, and iOS 14 security flaws detected since the latest release, how is Apple adapting to the increased risks to mobile security?

Enhanced security recommendations

iOS 14 security features a Security Recommendations menu, which sorts through a user’s passwords and advises of any weak or compromised credentials that should be changed. It also warns if the same password is being used across multiple site logins. The inbuilt iCloud Keychain enables you to create complex passwords and will provide alerts in the event that an account is breached.

This clever iOS 14 passwords feature can be accessed following the software upgrade by going to Settings – Passwords – Security Recommendations and then checking that Detect Compromised Passwords is switched on.

Camera and microphone access

Have you noticed an orange dot appearing on your phone or tablet since upgrading to the latest iOS 14 cybersecurity software? This dot serves as a notification to let users know when the camera or microphone is being used by an app.

Providing iOS 14 users with enhanced privacy, the dot will appear when using apps such as Zoom or WhatsApp where you would expect to use these crucial video and camera functions. However, the orange dot feature also grabs your attention when unscrupulous third-party app developers may occasionally try to use your camera or microphone for other purposes.

As a general rule, you can access which of your apps should be allowed to access your camera, or microphone by flicking to Settings – Privacy – microphone/camera and then selecting or denying access to apps as appropriate.

Users who do notice the orange dot appearing at an unusual time can use this as a visual indicator that something may not be quite right with their iOS security settings.

Superior location privacy

iOS 13 made tremendous strides towards location privacy and prevented your phone from being so easy to track. A year on, and iOS 14 has improved this privacy feature further still by allowing you to give apps your approximate location instead of pinpointing your precise address. The idea is that by sharing roughly where you are, then apps such as Weather platforms will still be able to function and provide you with useful information. You can decide whether to turn Precise Location on or off certain apps by going to Settings – Privacy – Location Privacy.

iOS 14 cybersecurity data sharing

Are you concerned about the amount of personal information which third parties appear to have about you? The latest iOS version allows mobile users to keep a tighter grasp on data sharing, preventing third parties from collecting personal information and even disabling Apple Advertising which is customised on a per user basis.

The Apple App Store is also promoting greater transparency, as third party developers are now required to detail the data they collect on you via an app before you choose to download.

BlastDoor update

Since the iOS 14 release date back in September 2020, the mobile software version has experienced a major security update. BlastDoor has been added as an additional layer of security to the iMessaging function. As a new type of sandbox, any incoming content will be sanitised within iMessaging before it reaches the user. This is a critical way that the phone’s operating system can detect and trap any malicious code which could be used for spying. Unfortunately, this inclusion has come about as hackers were able to target Al Jazeera journalists using spyware generated through iMessage codes in December 2020.

The Future of iOS Mobile Security

iOS 14 cybersecurity has been focused on giving power to mobile users, by putting them in control of their own security and privacy concerns. By providing consumers with additional information and settings, we can expect this trend of transparency to be one that continues in the release of the next version of iOS 15 which is due to be announced in June and released in September 2021.

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