The average cost of a data breach during 2020 was $3.86 million, according to cybersecurity data published by Forbes. Cyberattacks come in many forms, from ransomware to Trojan viruses. But phone systems are also a concern, particularly in the legal sector where many confidential conversations occur between clients and their lawyers. The Information Commissioner’s Office can issue fines of up to £500,000 to businesses that make poor decisions in relation to GDPR. Therefore, it pays for law firms to invest in the best quality phone systems to thwart any risk of a data breach due to phone hacking. VoIP is considered to be the most secure type of telecoms technology in the market, but is tracing VoIP calls possible? Let’s take a look. 


Can VoIP calls be hacked? 

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol enables anyone with an internet connection to make or receive a phone call over the web. As broadband has escalated in popularity, so too has VoIP as consumers realise the cost-saving benefits of this technology. 

Additionally, where previous analog phone calls were not encrypted, this meant that anyone who intercepted the data packets which passed over copper-based telephone lines could potentially listen to the full details of the voice conversation. 

In contrast, VoIP uses strong encryption software which adds an extra level of protection to your phone data. Much like analog phone systems, your voice will be broken down into bite-sized data packets and sent across the web. Although it’s possible that these packets could be intercepted, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would be able to hack through them so long as you have some robust encryption technology in place. 


Can VoIP calls be traced? 

For many companies though, it’s not enough to know that the contents of a phone conversation won’t fall into the wrong hands. To protect confidential data, it’s also important to conceal that a conversation has taken place between the caller and the recipient. So, can you trace a VoIP number? 

VoIP relies on both callers having an IP address to carry out their communications, and these IP addresses are traceable in theory. However, there is a difference between internal and external VoIP conversations. 

For example, with internal VoIP calling, these take place within the internal infrastructure of your network. Unless it is compromised, then it would be impossible for anyone external to trace any of the activity within your network due the private IP addresses that are used within it. This becomes a little more complicated for external VoIP calls where a Session Initial Protocol (SIP) is used to open a portal from your phone device into the Internet. This can create a vulnerability unless you have the right authentication and security measures in place


Tracing VoIP calls 

Although it is sometimes possible to trace a VoIP call, this doesn’t mean it’s a simple process. If you have been wondering how to trace a VoIP number, there are phone apps available for making and receiving your VoIP calls. As an extension of these, it’s possible to download a packet analyser to obtain details about incoming calls. The SIP filter will provide you with info about the CNAME and the IP address fields. 

However, the usefulness of the information returned to you is variable. As many VoIP users carry out calls on mobile devices and from a variety of places, knowing the origins of an IP address is often not enough to pinpoint the physical location of the caller or recipient of a phone call. 


Are VoIP calls secure? 

Although VoIP calls can technically be traced to an IP address, they’re still considered to be the most secure type of phone technology available in the market. However, the systems and providers vary widely in terms of the quality of their service. Barristers chambers can keep their business and confidential data secure by opting for an enterprise-level VoIP system in favour of a cheaper alternative.

This investment into your VoIP system will offer: 

  • Better protection against DDOS attacks 
  • Data encryption at multiple points 
  • Strong password implementation on routers, servers, IP switches, and firewalls
  • Enabling of Network Address Translation to hide your private IP address and protect your internal network 

City Business Solutions offers exceptionally secure VoIP solutions which are tailored to the precise needs of your law firm. To learn more about how this type of telephony communications business could benefit your company, please contact our knowledgeable team for a FREE VoIP review. City Business Solutions are available today on 0203 355 7334.