IT Management Services You Can Trust

Your IT systems need to run like clockwork, and that’s exactly what our IT Management Services deliver.

As part of our dedicated service, you will receive a team of technology experts who will remotely monitor your IT systems on a daily basis. This has a number of advantages. Perhaps the most important of these is that we can successfully spot any potential issues before they manifest as problems for your business.

No doubt you’ve heard about the ever increasing threat of cyber attacks, IT system failures and hacking. With so much pressure on businesses to comply, regulate and protect the information stored on devices, we have tailored our IT Management Services to provide an on-going solution that fits in with your business and prevents any potential disasters from occurring.

Our IT Management Services can take control of every aspect of your IT systems, taking the pressure of your employees so they can focus on providing the best possible service to YOUR clients.

Some of the IT elements that we take care of include:

  • Updating systems and programmes.
  • Improving your internet connectivity.
  • Regularly performing essential backup routines.
  • Monitoring and managing the performance, health and capacity of your servers.
  • Implementing antivirus software.

The advantages of outsourcing

Is the management of your IT a worry or hassle for you?

This is the first, and probably biggest, advantage of outsourcing the management of your IT. By taking full advantage of the knowledge and expertise of our remote specialists, you will no longer have to worry about being under-resourced, or relying on one person in-house to solve all of your IT issues.

Not sure your IT systems are performing at their best?

We’ve got that covered too. As part of our management service, you’ll receive information about the latest IT updates, product and software releases so you can be confident that your IT systems are working as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our team is continually looking into new ways of working in order to update, renew and expand our knowledge of IT, so we can pass it on to our customers, implement it and leave you free to focus on your business.

How do we do it?

Our specialist 24/7 Incident Management Monitoring System, CBS Manage247, keeps a close eye on your IT network and systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the vast majority of cases, should any issues arise, we will receive automatic updates so we can deal with it immediately. In many cases, you won’t even be aware that there has been an issue to start with.

With our IT management services, the power is in your hands. You can decide how much or how little you would like to outsource.

If you’d like to rid your chambers of the unnecessary IT hassle that already takes up too much of your time, why not outsource it to the experts?


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Making sense of IT, so you don’t have to

    • Cloud

      A completely secure, privately hosted cloud platform that is both reliable and scalable to fit your business needs.


    • Talk

      A modular, unified communications platform managed and supported by our team of communications experts.


    • Protect

      Cyber security with the added benefit of specialist knowledge and expert management, implemented with a complete understanding of data regulation.


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