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Navigating the world of IT security requires knowledge and expertise to ensure the most appropriate solutions for your business. Our IT security services give you access to the knowledge and technology you need to protect your chambers.

How well do you understand the online threats facing your business? As technology continues to dominate a large part of our daily lives, online security is becoming a top priority for businesses.

When you work in the legal industry, you’re dealing with a lot of sensitive and personal information that needs to be held in a safe and secure place. To do this, you’ll need an appropriate solution to protect your business from threats. Besides the potential reputational risks, there are also legal repercussions to consider if your IT systems are compromised.

Our years of experience mean that we can design an effective security solution that will work for your chambers.

We’ll analyse the different processes and functions carried out by your business to thoroughly review your data security and make suggestions based on our findings. We understand that each chambers is different, so we’ll tailor your recommendations to your unique requirements.

Having fully functioning, up-to-date security systems in place provides peace of mind and assurance that you are doing what you can to protect any sensitive data handled by your company. With EU GDPR legislation bringing firmer penalties to businesses who breach the guidelines, it’s vital to ensure that your systems are up to scratch.

IT security is one of the most crucial factors of meeting GDPR compliance. Our team can help you to ensure all of the right pieces are in place to protect data and keep your channels secure.

Our vast experience in data protection means we are familiar with the different security risks facing those in the legal sector. We can offer guidance and solutions to help you meet the requirements set out by bodies such as:

  • The Information Commissioners Office
  • The Bar Council
  • The Attorney General

Your information security isn’t a one-time action. As risks continue to evolve and develop, you’re going to need an ongoing strategy to make sure your systems remain safe and secure. The IT security services we offer include:

  • Developing IT security roadmaps for your business
  • Making sure you meet governance, risk and compliance needs
  • Planning and installing IT infrastructure
  • Putting in place comprehensive and rigid IT policies and working practices
  • Managing future threats and vulnerabilities


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      A completely secure, privately hosted cloud platform that is both reliable and scalable to fit your business needs.


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      A modular, unified communications platform managed and supported by our team of communications experts.


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      Cyber security with the added benefit of specialist knowledge and expert management, implemented with a complete understanding of data regulation.


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